The Blues of Club Penguin Test

This quiz is to help ppl who are worried about the way our army is run and depending on this quiz is the decision of demotions and promotions. This is because of the fighting and that.

This quiz also decides about how things are run and new staff and more battles. Thank You for taking ths quiz and you have made a big difference in the Blues of Club Penguin.

Created by: Finakuamama of BCP
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  1. Whats your penguins age
  2. Are you loyal
  3. Do you have at least one item of the uniform
  4. Do you check the site everyday
  5. Are you respected
  6. Is Cooldude Joe nice to you
  7. Are you on xat
  8. Are you in any armies
  9. Are you kind
  10. Do you like Tireion1

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