All sorts of CPIP questions

If you like Club Penguin Improvment Project/Club Penguin then here's the place for you. Over 20 questions of CPIP. You'll have to know alot about it though because it's going to be pretty hard.

You get a ranking in this test so you get to see how well you've done. If your not a genius then good luck because there are many genius's out there. You need to try and beat all of them. Good Luck!

Created by: Matthew Whittenham

  1. How many coins do you get the first time you log on to CPIP?
  2. At Chistmas, what colour puffle was everyone
  3. How many test servers were on CPIP (there are 2 answers to this question)
  4. are you more likely to see Billybob, Rsnail and Screenhog on CPIP
  5. If your membership expires while you have a CPIP account, does your membership stay on CPIP?
  6. If your not a member, but you become a member during the time you have a CPIP account, do you become a member on CPIP
  7. How do you become a member on CPIP?
  8. What is CPIP ment for?
  9. did your CPIP account name have to be the same as your CP account name?
  10. could you use banned penguin accounts?
  11. what colour hard hat did you get as a reward?
  12. At CPIP Christmas, how did you change back from a green puffle into a penguin
  13. What was Billybob's name on the CPIP blog
  14. Are Billybob, Rsnail and Screenhog still moderators on CPIP?
  15. Did Billybob have the same name on CPIP as he did on CPIP Blog?
  16. Was CPIP different to CP
  17. What differences did CPIP make to CP world
  18. Which one did you like the best: CP or CPIP

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