The Blood (Love Story) pt 2

There's someone new in Fallford. At least that is what people think. Oh he's not a visitor. He has come back to Fallford and hasn't been there for over 150 years. Why is he back? Who knows. Damon has everybody talking with his stunning blue eyes and his jet black hair and his sexy body. All the girls want him.

Zoe becomes fascinated by Damon and wants to know more. She finds out things about herself that she wishes she didn't dig up and When bodies start turning up all over Fallford, Zoe begins to fear the worst. All she knows is that Damon is not human. She may resist Damon's bite, but can she resist his charms? Will she be caught on the run with the vampire?

Created by: Aria Summers

  1. I had my fist against the side of my face with my eyes drooping. This is the last period of class and I have math. My dyed red hair falls in front of my face acting as a guard so the teacher doesn't notice me dozing off. I was shaken awake by my friend, Emily. "Zoe, the bell went" She said as she packed up her stuff. I gathered my stuff and put it into my bag. I stood up and went over to Emily who was waiting by the door.
  2. We walked out and we bid each other goodbye as she walked over to her red ford. I waved at her while she waved back. "Hey" Someone whispered from behind me and I spun around and put a hand to my chest. "Freeeeakin hell" I say as I stare up at Damon. "Are you trying to kill me?" I say. "If I were trying to kill you, I would've done it a different way, trust me" He said with all seriousness. "Okay" I say. "Let's go" He says and begins walking. I follow after him until we get to an old fashioned Porsche. He holds open the door for me and I sit down in the passenger seat. He shuts the door and comes over to the driver side. He gets in starts the car.
  3. We drove to his house and he pulled into a secluded house with a roundabout driveway. At the end was a massive old fashioned looking house. I stared at it in awe. There were about three storeys. He parked the car and we got out. "You have a really nice house" I say. "Thanks" He says as we enter. My eyes widened. He leads the way and I follow him. We walk into his living room and he tells me to sit so I do. I get my books out of my bag and put them on the table. He sits down next to me with a water bottle in his hand. He drinks out of it and his eyes turn a different color. He turns his head and my eyes widened. "Your eyes" I whisper. He turn towards me and everything was normal. (His house is like the Salvatore house of Vampire Diaries)
  4. "What?" He asks. "Nothing" You say. "Okay, what do you need me to tutor you in?" I ask. "Damon!" Someone yells. I turn towards the hallway and a boy with sandy blonde hair and brown eyes stands walks into the room. He stops in his track when he sees me. "Oh" He says. "Stefan, dear brother" Damon says standing up. "This is Zoe" He says. "Hi, nice to meet you". You too, Stefan" I say. Damon and him walk around the corner and I sit confused. "You aren't going to hurt her are you?' Stefan yells. "What? No!" Damon yells back. "What do you want with her?" I hear Stefan say. I didn't hear Damon's reply but he came back in and sat down.
  5. A girl came around the corner and saw me sitting there. She smiled at me. "Hey, I'm Elena" She says. I smile and tell her my name. "That's a nice name" "Yours is too" She smiles at me then leaves the room. "Ok so what is it that you needed tutoring on?" I ask. "History" He smirks. "Oh, okay" I say. "You seemed to do pretty good in it today" I say confused. "Damn, you got me" He said sarcastically. " Is it bad that I just wanted to spend time with you?" Damon looks behind me and I turned to find Stefan there with a confused face. "What are you up to, Damon?" He says.
  6. "Please don't start we have a guest" He gestures to me. "I think I should go" I say putting my books into my bag. "Please don't" Damon says. I look at Stefan and he is staring at me. Elena walks in and glares at Damon. "Can I talk to you?" She says to Damon. They both walk out of the room and Stefan and I are left alone. I sit back down and he comes closer. "You shouldn't hang around Damon" He says concern etched across his face. "Why?" I say. "Because he's dangerous". "He hasn't done anything to me, if anything he helped me". "How so?" He asks. "I tripped and he caught me" He stares.
  7. Damon comes back into the room smirking and he sits back down. "Zoe, how bout we study?" "Well, that's what I came here for". I pulled out my history book and he put his hand on my knee. "Oh no, not that history, yours" He smirks. I gulp. "What do you mean? Wait, I don't want to know, I think I'm gonna go" I say standing up. I stands up quickly and knocks the bottle off the coffee table by accident, its contents spilling everywhere. The red stuff seeps into the carpet. I lean forward, suddenly feeling sick. "Is that.... Blood?" I say. I put a hand to my mouth and close my eyes.
  8. I sway and put my hand on Damon's shoulder to steady myself. I gasp as I see a vision of someone running and Damon grabs them and bites their neck. I pull my hand back and open my eyes. I drop my books and they end up in the blood. I stare at him and Stefan and Elena walk back into the room. I slowly walk backwards and away from all of them. "Zoe-". I stare at them. "Y-you're v-vampires" I stutter. "Well yeah" Damon says sarcastically. "Why are you being sarcastic?!" I yell. He ran super-fast until he stood in front of me. I stumbled back a bit. "You're not scared are you?" He says. "I mean, you're not human either, you should know all about our kind"
  9. I closed my eyes and I started to fall, for the second time that day.
  10. Okay! Yeah! Cliffhanger!

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