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There are many smart people, but a few geniuses. Genius is after all qiute exceptional I f y o u win this you'll get a surprise gift.

Are you a genius do you have the brainpowerr to qualify for that prestigiuoos title untill now you could only wonder

Created by: rosy shah
  1. What is Herpetology related to?
  2. In which type of cells is a nuclear membrane absent?
  3. Which plastid in the plant helps in photosynthesis?
  4. What are the similarities in a plant cell and a bacterial cell?
  5. How many bones is the human spinal column made up of?
  6. Which substance in the cell produces energy?
  7. Why can't we prepare our pwn food inside our body?
  8. What is the scientific name of a dog?
  9. Where does a camel live?
  10. Why does a dog bark?

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