Can you beat elementary biology? Try it out!!

There are many smart fellows , but there are no true geniuses that can win all the topics in a glance . Winning is more important thanloosing. And accomplishing is more important than winning.

Are you an biology expert? Can you beat elementary biology? Are you smart enough to pass the fifth grade. Lets see. With the help of this quiz youll know it.

Created by: the school topper.
  1. Which is the most prominent part of a cell?
  2. What are also called sucide bags?
  3. Carbohydrates are also called simple _________ compounds. Fill in the blanks.
  4. Which contains the highest amounts of nutrients?
  5. Which tissue is spindle-shaped?
  6. We have reached the sixth quiz session. Did you enjoy it ?
  7. Cuscuta is a parasite. True or false?
  8. We are omnivores. True or false?
  9. Plants consist of the xylem and ____________. Fill in the blanks.
  10. Last question. Do you believe in gof or science.

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Quiz topic: Can I beat elementary biology? Try it out!!