The Big Bang- Expand Your Knowledge

The Big Bang covers a vast amount of knowledge. Only the strong minded can withstand all this information. The big bang, as all of you know, is the scientific reasoning of how the world and the universe came to be. However, some people believe this is a bunch of "heresy".

The Big bang covers a lot. You need to sweat it out while you study the website. There is a lot of information to remember. When you think you are ready, I suggest you go back and read it one more time just in case. If you are 100% sure, do you think you can take all the heat from the Big Bang? Find Out how much you know about the big bang in this quiz!

Created by: Calvin Chu
  1. What is the Big Bang?
  2. When, supposedly, did thee big bang occur?
  3. Fill in the blanks: It takes approximately _____ years after that for protons, neutrons, and ______ to finally be able to join together to create _____ and hydrogen atoms.
  4. What was the universe 3 minutes after the big bang?
  5. What problems came up when people believed that the world was created by the big bang?
  6. How long is the tunnel that the laser beam is suppose to run through?
  7. Fill in the blank: The laser will move at _______ laps per ______.
  8. How long can the machine stay on for?
  9. When did the first stars finally appear?
  10. How hot was the hot point before the Big Bang occurred?

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