How will you die?

There are a few quizzes out there about how old you will be when you die. Many people care about that. some people care more about how they die (i care about both). other people will fade out others will go out with a bang and some may even go out with a piss!

Will YOU go out with a bang or will you go out with a piss. Are you cool enough to go out with a bang! are you a wimp who will go out with a piss! only your action will decide.

Created by: Roxas
  1. How cool are you.
  2. how wealthy are you
  3. Favorite food?
  4. If you see a kid with an amazingly huge pile of cookies behind him and you ask if you could have one, and he said no what would you do
  5. if you just won the lotto what will you do
  6. do you own a sports car or soke cigars?
  7. are you healthy
  8. do you walk around dark alleys
  9. If a nerdy person said "hi" what will you do
  10. Who is that cookie kid?
  11. Roxas

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Quiz topic: How will I die?