Sould you wear adult sissy or not

I believe this quiz will answer some peoples mind about what they do or enjoy. If you don't like it than I don't care it just show me that you don't care what is happening out there in the real world.

Do you wear it or not I don't care but some people do so I believe people should put time and effort into wondering what they should do or not do because it's not my choice it's there's to decide I just help.

Created by: Kieran

  1. What do you wear?
  2. What kind of clothing do you wear?
  3. Do yo dress like a baby?
  4. Would you want to wear it
  5. Would you wear it in public or at home only
  6. Would you wear the whole thing or just the dress
  7. Would you care if you got made fun of or not
  8. Would you take pride in wearing it
  9. Do you already wear adult sissy or not
  10. Was this test good or bad

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