Harry Potter which character are you most like?

There are people, such as Hermione, that are very smart and care about their grades. Some people only care about their grades because their parents force them to get straight A's.

But, are YOU one of those people who care about their grades? Are YOU the one who needs to be smart and get straight A's? Or are you the one who is just 'I don't care about my grades?' your'e just about to find out at the end of this quiz

Created by: Kernel Noodle

  1. Do you enjoy going to school or doing school work?
  2. What's your best subject?
  3. If you played Quidditch, what position do you think you'd be best at?
  4. Which Harry Potter year was your favorite?
  5. Are you a smart kind of kid?
  6. Who is your favorite Professor?
  7. Are you a kid who doesn't care about your grades?
  8. Are you a person who absolutely needs straight A's?
  9. Is your family rich or poor? (not to be mean)
  10. Which house are you in?

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Quiz topic: Harry Potter which character am I most like?