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  • Once, I decided to misbehave for the babysitter. I was six, and I acted very, very polite, until my parents left. I climbed up on the refrigerator, and wouldn't come down for anything except a cookie, which the babysitter bribed me with. My plan was to stay on the fridge until mommy and daddy came home. But after I got down, I thought up a better plan. I stood on the carpet in the living room, the babysitter (whose name was Ellen) said, "I'm gonna go eat some Doritos, get me if you need anything" she put on Dora the Explorer and left me alone. After she left the room, I closed my eyes and peed all over the floor. "Ellie!" I cried, she ran in, "oh, Faith!" She exclaimed. "It's all over the carpet.." So that's my babysitting experience, Ellen never babysitted for us again, and I see why.


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