The Apprentice (Part 1)

You are a clumsy, nontalented wizard. You have famous parents, however, and they have connections. They got you an apprenticeship at famous wizard whither's shop.

What will you do when faced with multiple tasks? Do you try to overcome your unfortunate magical circumstance, or do you have fun being an idiot with the help of some eccentric characters?

Created by: Mustache

  1. You were born a klutz. It's not something you wanted for yourself, but that doesn't matter. Your parents are highly esteemed sorcerers, but you lack their magical control. None of your spells go as planned. You have been at Primrose Academy for five months, but are leaving today. This is not the first school you've been kicked out of. You guess the Academy's budget ran out after you caused an epidemic of blue pixie-pox and summoned a building-destroying phoenix by accident. You look out on the fields and fields of grass and flowers. In the distance, you can see the rooftops and rising smoke of the town. Turning to the headmistress of the academy (who walked you out), you give her a quizzical look. "Your parents have arranged an apprenticeship for you. Lucky girl, you get to be taught by the famous wizard, Whithers. If anyone can straighten you out, it's him." You turn to her, stunned, and say:
  2. The headmistress ignores you, thrusts a slip of paper into your hand, and struts back to the academy. You are going to have to make the journey into town on your own. Looking at the paper, you see that it's Whither's address. You start walking, enjoying the smell of the flowers. You have been walking for what seems like hours. Finally, you look up to see a huge wooden arch welcoming you into town. Once passed the sign, the adorable town seems to come alive with people and stores of every kind. You can't help but look around in awe. You've never been to town before, and everything is so colorful and lively. People of all races and species intermingle. You look around and the smell of a small bakery catches your attention. You:
  3. The small but cozy store smells of fresh baked and sweet goods. The delicious smells make your mouth water, and you wander to the counter where a shapeless orange blob stands to take your order. You look at the items in the glass counter, and one of the strawberry tarts catches your eye. You go to order it, but as your saying "One strawberry tart, please." A voice comes from your left, saying the same thing. You look to see who the person is. Standing next to you is a boy, whos hair falls in messy, dirty-blonde angles. He looks at you too, obviously sizing you up. "Sorry, only one left," the blob says, taking it out and putting it on the counter. The boys eyes narrow at you. But you are sure that he will graciously offer you the tart. "I'll take it." He says. You:
  4. You end up in a park somewhere in town a half an hour later. Belly full or not, you decide to sit under a big oak tree to study the address on the piece of paper. Sitting on a comfortable patch of grass, you look out at the scenery. It's beautiful. The gardens of the park are in full bloom, and the flowers are lively colors and shapes. "I rarely get to see a view this nice," you say. You have no idea why you said it out loud, but as soon as you did, a voice answers back. "Neither do I." It's a sultry voice, belonging to a male. The hair on you neck stands up as you jump slightly, and whip you head to the right. A handsome boy with unnaturally light green eyes is floating upside down, staring at you through thick waves of inky black hair. The devious smirk and the suggestive tone of his voice indicated that he was talking about you. You also spot the tips of fangs in his mouth. Black wings flap to keep him afloat. Wearing ripped jeans and a plaid button-up, only one suspender was properly in place, the other hanging by his side. You:
  5. Ending up on a street of tall, Victorian houses and shops, you stare at the slip of paper and look for the right house number. You end up in front of a huge wrought iron gate. Hanging on the gate was a sign: Whither's Magic Assistance. Beyond the gate was a huge pearly-white house with mahogany trim. You open the gate and walk cautiously up to the door. Knocking on the ornate knocker, a squat old troll answered the door. You could barely tell, but by the maid dress, you guessed it was a woman. "I am Scalding, the head maid. Whithers is expecting you." She said in a scratchy voice. She gestured for you to follow, then disappeared into the house. Following her through a labyrinth of ornate corridors and strange doors, you end up in a dark room. Nothing is in it but a desk and a window. Someone is at the desk. "You are my new apprentice, yes?" The voice said in a velvety male voice. Your pulse quickens. The chandelier flickers to life and you see Whithers for the first time. He is an adorable stuffed bear with a glowing yellow star on his forehead, and a blue bow tie. You:
  6. He straightens his bow tie and clears his throat. "Your parents informed me of your...problem. I like a challenge, lucky for you. Here, I'll give you a tour and tell you the rules of the house." He gets up to leave, and you are magically following him, still in the air. The door flies open, and you hear the voice before you see him. "Whithers! Sorry I'm late! I was at the baker- YOU?" It's the boy from the bakery. He is staring at you. You are shocked. "YOU?" You say in response. "I see you know eachother." Whithers says and turns to you. "This is Aye. He is your fellow apprentice. I expect you two to work together." You say:
  7. Whithers gives you the tour. Most of the doors and hallways are magical, and the list of rules is astronomical. You:
  8. You pass a closed, black door. It's labeled: Library, off limits. You:
  9. Finally, you are shown your room. It is a small, circular room at the top of a tower. Stone walls, wooden floors, a small bed and dresser at one side. There is a window with a fabulous view. You:
  10. You:

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