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Here is a great (I hope...) quiz for movie fanatics! Hope you all enjoy this! Please be fair in the very precise rules below: (To be fair and know that you actually did it, is the reason of these rules.)

1. Don't search the answers on the internet please. 2. Just guess if you don't know the answer... 90% of the time your first thought is right. 3. Be nice when commenting, and please, NO SPAM!!!!

Created by: Kcat

  1. What was the Aladdin's friend monkey's name?
  2. What did the Genie say after the first Magic Carpet ride with Aladdin?
  3. What is the best description of Jasmin's outfit?
  4. What is the name of the villain?
  5. What is the expression on Jafar's face when Jasmin pretends to be in love with him?
  6. What color is the Genie?
  7. Is Aladdin hot?
  8. Is this movie arabic?
  9. What is Jasmin's Tiger's name?
  10. Did they make a show about Aladdin after the movie?

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