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Do you know your TV in and out?Then try out this quiz!It will quiz you on all types of movies!Grab some junk food and a soda,lean back,and start getting to know YOUR TV better!

This quiz will let you find out if you get too little TV time,too much,or just enough!If you KNOW you are a couch potato,then you will DEFINETLY have fun with this quiz.

Created by: y27moz
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  1. What do you like to eat at the theater?
  2. What is the 8th Barbie movie called?
  3. Who does the voice of Marty the Zebra in Madagascar?
  4. How often do you watch videos on youtube.com?
  5. In the Wizard of Oz,how does Dorothy get back home?
  6. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix,who dies at the end?
  7. In Barbie and the Diamond Castle,which character is trapped inside the mirror?
  8. In Shrek,the Final Chapter,what happens to Shrek?
  9. What color is Stitch in the movie Lilo and Stitch?
  10. In Toy Story 3,what is the nickname for the strawberry smelling bear?

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