28 days later quiz

You think you know the movie 28 days later? Think again. Take this quiz and prove me wrong. Get a good score on this quiz and show the world how much you know your movies. Bring it on!!

Are YOU a movie buff? test your skill. Take this quiz. Show off to your friends how much you know about movies like this one. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!Test your knowledge!!

Created by: derek

  1. where does jim wake up in the beginning of the movie?
  2. When Jim finds his parents, they are...
  3. What is the name of the young girl Jim meets?
  4. How does Hannah's dad die?
  5. What is the Major's name?
  6. Why does the Major warn Jim "not to mow the front lawn"?
  7. What does the Major claim he's seen before and during infection?
  8. What were the soldiers promised to keep their spirits up?
  9. What does the Major accuse Jim of doing at the end of the movie?
  10. What does the signal Jim built at the end of the movie to get the plane's attention say?

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