Test Your Diva-ness

The Social Diva is not just a few pointers that can help you get in the hottest clubs or the best tables, it's a way of life. Test your Diva-ness to see if you measure up.

Are you a Social Diva or a Social Ditz? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out! Take the quiz and see how you measure up.

Created by: ModernWomanBlog of Modern Woman Blog
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  1. Your rent is due in two days, but as luck would have it, on your way home from work you come across a Jimmy Choo sample sale. What do you do?
  2. Your birthday is approaching and you call the poshest restaurant in town to book a table for your pre-party nosh session. What do you say to ensure you get the best table in the joint?e way
  3. You're all decked out and on your way to the grand opening of the soon-to-be hottest club in town. But when you get to the door you find that you're (gasp!) not on the list. What do you do?
  4. You call your favorite spa to make an appointment to get your eyebrows done. But, much to your dismay, she can't fit you in for the next three months. What do you do?
  5. You're making your rounds at a super-upscale evernt. You're dancing, you're mingling, you're networking - you know, just being you. All of a sudden, disaster strikes when the heel of your stiletto breaks off. How do you handle this one?
  6. You're hosting a party at your house and realize you don't have any entertainment. What do you grab for?
  7. You're at a fundraiser and there's about an hour left of the event but you have already finished working the room. What do you do now?
  8. It's Valentine's coming up this weekend and you founf yourself single this year. What will you plan on doing?
  9. You get to the airport and are looking to upgrade your seat, what attire should you think of wearing before you ask?
  10. A guy you have no interest in asks for your number. What do you do?

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