Are you a diva?

There are many girls that try to look good ,but only dome girls are truely divas. A diva is a person who most be the best in everything and always brags about thier self.

Are you a Diva? Do you have an A+ in fashion? Do all the girls wish they were you? Do you Have a liitle group of wanna be's with you? Well find out in a couple minutes in this quiz.

Created by: devan

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  1. What would you do if you won firsy place iin a contest at your school?
  2. It's your birthday and old grandma gave you a old lunchbox,What do you say?
  3. It's the first day and you wear what to school?
  4. Your crush coments your clothes what do you do?
  5. It's pajama day at school your friends are gonna wear the same ofit. Are you?
  6. It's hat day you wear what?
  7. Ahhh! You spill chili on your shirt. you do what?
  8. It's the talent show whats your talent?
  9. How do you eat a pizza?
  10. Who are you mostly like?

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Quiz topic: Am I a diva?