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  • Oh, you did? Why'd you think that? Well, I'm full asian. XD I'm from China.

    It's totally fine. I completely understand. I've been kind of down the last few days because I wasn't sure what you thought about me after that... incident. I even debated leaving GTQ awhile; I tend to separate myself from others when something's bothering me.

    Yeah, stereotypes really piss me off... >.< Although my school is relatively free of that sort of stuff, it still shows up occasionally and like I said, I get really mad.

  • I thought you were Australian. Anyways, I speak my mind so excuse me if I was a b*tch to your step sister, but she deserved it along with a "fu** you" Anyways, I guess it's okay I just get really annoyed by stereotypes especially when they're about me.


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