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  • Teenagers Personality Quiz
    Your Result: Drifter

    You aren't sure about your life yet: who do you hang out with, what are your interests, etc. It's okay-you'll find your niche. Drifters tend to get to know lots of people in an attempt to find "their group", which can be good because they might end up with lots of friends. Sometimes you put too much pressure on yourself to fit in. Just relax and let things happen, you'll be fine.

  • I got drifter but i thought to my self and i have my own little group of friends and i don't like to be alon i like hanging out with friends all the time.

  • I got drifter too C: I though the quiz was really fun. Congratulations

    • I like being a drifter.........actually..I dont want to fit in....I love being alone in my own fantastical world

  • I also got drifter. is it bad that I do that all the time?


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