TeamCrafted Quiz

There are many smart people about TeamCrafted well if so then you are in a few minutes so get to it and do the best you can and good luck,And sorry guys i have to do this sorry Dx Yeah i need 150 xD

Are you a genius with TeamCrafted well soon you will find out!!!! and good luck try your best!!!! and remember dont forget,Sorry guys i have to do this sorry Dx Yeah i need 150 xD

Created by: Mia

  1. Who Formed TeamCrafted?
  2. What is Bajancanadian's Real name?
  3. Who has the most subs in TeamCrafted?
  4. What is Mitch And Jerome's mixed name?
  5. What is sky's favorite block/ore/Whatever Minecraft?
  6. What is Ssundee's Favorite mod?
  7. What dose Bajancanadian's first word he say's in the video to welcome you guys?
  8. Who calls Pigs Jeffrey?
  9. What was ASFJerome's skin based on?
  10. Who is the best at PVP in teamcrafted?
  11. Who got kicked out of TeamCrafted first?

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