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  • how did i get 70 when I got them all right?! THIS QUIZ IS RIGGED!!!!

    Mad_Mad_Maddie May 5 '16, 12:19PM
  • how did i get 80% when all my ansewers was right?

    SC countrygirl Apr 22 '16, 8:35AM
  • i got a 70 I love taylor swift lol taylor swift all the way i rate this quiz 10

    Tamralol2003 Mar 24 '16, 12:53PM
  • DONT READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lease dont read this you will get kiised on the nearest possible friday by the love of your life tomorrow will be the best day of you life however if you dont post this comment to at least 3 videos you will die within 2 days. now uv started reading dis dunt stop this is so scary xsend this over to5 quzzes in143 min when you done press f 6

    narnia12359 Feb 10 '15, 11:09AM
  • I got 60%!! I guess it isn't too bad...

    love54 Jan 19 '15, 5:06PM
  • OMG i only got 40% taylor smart D: im soooooooooooo dum

    HaHaLOL Oct 12 '14, 7:52PM
  • I am not much of Taylor any more

    Jazmine99 Apr 11 '14, 7:09PM
  • I used to like her. No so much now. I got 70%

    Rodeo Chic Feb 25 '12, 7:28PM
  • i love taylor swift!!! :)

    Country Gal Apr 28 '11, 8:24PM
  • wow boreing

    isabel611 Jan 31 '11, 12:54PM

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