This Quiz Is All About Surfing And Also A New Surf Movie Called Surf You Destiny Pick A Question And See Who You Are Most Like Maybe You Are A Surfer

You Might Be Alana Blanchard Or Bethany Hamilton Even Katy Perry Maybe You Might Be One Of The People From Surf Your Destiny Megan Harris (Grace) Ruby Martin (Izabela) Emily Carter (Makalya)

Created by: Grace

  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. If You Could be A Different Person For The Day Who Would You Choose?
  3. What's Your Favourite Food?
  4. Who's your favorite character In Surf Your Destiny?
  5. If You Got Attacked By A Shark What Would You Do?
  6. If You Agrued With A Friend What Would You Do?
  7. If You Had A Surfboard What Color Would You Have?
  8. What's The Thing Your Scared Of?
  9. What Do You Describe Yourself As
  10. If You Could Be Any Surfer Who Would You Be?

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