How well do you know Tate Modern?

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There are a lot of artists, but the true art is knowing about art. What do you know about art? How much of an artist are you? How well is your surfing ability?

Are YOU a Tate Modernist? Do you have the quality to surf the website of Tate Modern and find all the answers? Do you have what is takes to call yourself a Tate Modernist? Find out now!

Created by: Hannah Graus

  1. When was Tate modern build?
  2. Which one of the following museums does not belong to the Tate Galleries
  3. How many galleries are there in Tate Modern?
  4. Which exhibition is running?
  5. How many artist are featured in the collection?
  6. What is Tate Modern Symposia?
  7. How do they call the large central display in the middle of each wing?
  8. How much is the entrance fee?
  9. What kind of guide does Tate Modern use?
  10. Who sponsors Tate Modern?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Tate Modern?