Super hard PJ quiz!

This quiz is dedicated to my friend Ellen. She loves Percy Jackson and Greek Mythology and Harry Potter as much as I do. One time at school, we did a Harry Potter quiz.

Not as good as Super hard HP quiz, which I also dedicate to her. It was super easy. But everyone in the class got mad at us just because we knew every answer.

Created by: wolfgrl45

  1. What does Chiron say after he turns centaur?
  2. What is NOT a line from a prophecy spoken in the series?
  3. What is Rachel's first prediction that she tells Percy?
  4. What is one bead that Annabeth shows Percy?
  5. EASY QUESTION! What are the blades of the minotaur's ax shaped like?
  6. In what chapter does Percy dream about the titan base camp?
  7. What chapter does Annabeth say "We're marooned!"?
  8. In what chapter do they get a ride from Apollo?
  9. What is their plan to get past Cerberus?
  10. Final super hard question!!!!!!!! On what page does Jake Mason say, "Like flies in amber"?

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