How well do u know heroes of Olympus books?

Greek fan? Want to married Percy? This is about greek mythology so if you do love Greek mythology. You rock this quiz dude! Hope you love it!!!!!!!!!!

Have you wonder if you if u are worthy enough to be a greek hero? Then take to awesome and weird quiz about all the stuff. You have to know all of the Greek Gods!

Created by: Madi ashley

  1. Who is Percy's father?
  2. What is Leo's power
  3. What is Reyna's sister name?
  4. When did Hazel die?
  5. What is Frank's culture?
  6. What is Annbeth's godly parent?
  7. Who is Piper's boyfriend?
  8. Who was Nico's sister who died saving Percy and his friends?
  9. Who is Jason's sister?
  10. Who is the Greek's enemies?

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