How well do you know Percy Jackson and The Heroes Of Olympus

Ummm. Hi! Welcome to the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus quiz! Get them right if you read the books goood enough! Get them wrong well...don’t be sad maybe just reread the books a few more times.

There are 18 questions so choose well!’Good luck amigos and amigas! Adios! May fortuna be with you! Or tyche! Whichever Greek or Roman gods/godddess be with you! Now begin!*Leo shows up*

Created by: Kairi Tats

  1. What was the first thing Annabeth said to Percy?
  2. What did Rachel Elizabeth Dare use to distract the titan lord?
  3. Who sacrificed them self’s at the titan war?
  4. Who sacrificed them self’s at the battle against Gaea?
  5. Who sacrificed themself at the battle of the labyrinth
  6. What is Percy’s full name
  7. Who was Percy’s old stepdad
  8. Who is Percy’s previous stepdad
  9. At what age did Annabeth run away from home to CHB
  10. Who is Percy’s Satyr
  11. Who is Jason’s and Thalias mom?
  12. What is the last book in the PJO series?
  13. Last book in Heroes of Olympus?
  14. Who are the 3 main characters in the list hero
  15. Who is Leo Valdez Mom?
  16. Percy’s mom?
  17. Annabeth mom?
  18. Who is the mcshizzle?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson and The Heroes Of Olympus