sunday school quiz

Sunday school is a great place to meet other people. You have lots of fun and sometimes get cool prizes. However, most Sunday school teachers hope you are there to learn something about the bible.

This test is designed to see if you were paying attention to the Sunday school teacher or just trying to stay awake until snack time. The questions are pretty easy. My Sunday school class could probably answer most of them. Can you?

Created by: crystal18

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  1. Who was thrown into a fiery furnace because they would not bow down to an idol.
  2. What was the name Of Ruth's Mother-in-law?
  3. What is the first commandment?
  4. Samson lost his strength when he lost his...
  5. Who killed a giant with a stone and a sling?
  6. Who died on the cross for our sins?
  7. Jesus rose from the dead on the...
  8. Paul changed his name to Paul from what name?
  9. Which son did Jacob give a coat of many colors to?
  10. What sign did God give Noah to promise that God would never destroy the earth with a flood again?

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