Were you good today?

Use this quiz daily to obtain scores and, if necessary, punishments. Remember these scores will be averaged at the end of the week and only exemplary scores are acceptable.

The week begins on Monday and Ends Sunday after church. If you have done as you are supposed to, Sunday afternoons are your time. If not they're punishment time.

Created by: Donna
  1. Did you complete your chores today?
  2. Did you finish your school work/studying that you needed to?
  3. Did you swear or gossip?
  4. Did you lie or cheat?
  5. Your spending was...
  6. I included plenty of produce in my diet today.
  7. My physical activity today...
  8. I controlled my impulses today.
  9. Did you go to work and stay the entire time?
  10. I did something illegal today.
  11. I stole today.
  12. I hurt someone else today.
  13. I helped someone else today.
  14. I behaved responsibly today.
  15. I procrastinated or was lazy in general today.
  16. Today I....
  17. I broke a rule not listed.
  18. I did something really good today that isn't listed (such as charity work).
  19. My diet included low fat proteins.
  20. My meals and snacks were
  21. My diet had excess sugars.
  22. I ate fatty or fried foods today.
  23. I ate in 100% today. :)

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