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This quiz is about Alanis morissette songs. Unfortunately, we don't have singers like alanis anymore today. Lanis is a very qualified artist who has written her own songs and sings from her soul. So if your in alanis fan there is no reason you wouldn't do good on this quiz.

Are you analanis fan? If you really are than you will surely succeed on this quiz and maybe learn more from it.Today there aren't so many quizzes about alanis so at least you have a good quiz here to take about alanis, so good luck!

Created by: jessica

  1. " What part of your'e memory is selective and tends to forget" From what song is this lyric taken from?
  2. "Would you forgive me love if I danced in your______. Fill in the blank?
  3. "I don't want to be your idol, see this pedestal is high and i'm afraid of hights" From what song is this line from?
  4. "I'll be worthy right? Only when you realize the gem I am" In which song do we hear this?
  5. can you name the following song these lyrics belong to? "Oh these little defenses, how they fail to comfort me"?
  6. What song doesn't belong to the album "under rug swept"
  7. "If I had a penny for all the possibilities I presented" from which song is this line?
  8. "No pressure over cappuchino" About who does alanis sing this song?
  9. "Wouldn't it be a shame if I knew how great I was five minutes before I died? i'd be filled with sich regret before I took my last breath" From which song is this lyric taken?
  10. What song is about a bad relationship?

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