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  • I play zero instruments... but I sing if that counts. I play the vocal chords. What if Taylor tries to drown me again because she knows that Id have to go back, but it doesnt work cause its to shallow. So she starts flirting with Brian, and hanging out with him a whole lot. Or what if she just tried to ruin all of the possible relationships to get revenge? Oh well, my ideas probably arent good.... AND HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY!!!

  • Happy early birthday :) *spazzes out when Brian kisses me and falls into the lake* because I think I prefer Skyler or Nick XP I think we should make a girl friend or two here, after all, the guys can't be the only ones I talk to! :) also it'd be cool if there was a beach-like area to chill by the lake

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yes, I do play the viola, it's the most awesome instrument EVER! Hmmmmmm, what if we go on a hike, and I sprain my ankle or something, and one of the guys *cough Skyler cough* had to carry me back? I know my result says Brian, but I sort of forgot to click answers, so yeah....I can't wait for your next one!

  • message for ViolaPlayer: do you really play the viola because if you do that is so cool because i do too! hehe.

    For everyone else: if you have any ideas please comment them! oh and i might not get on for a while because tommorow is my bday and im going to party rock hard! yay!

  • omg @_ViolaLover_you play voila i play violin and no offense but its better lol jk :)

  • sorry i meant _ViolaLover_

  • am i catching up?!?!?!

    *panics* idk how its spelled bec i got mind and mental blocked


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