stupid quiz!!! TwT

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hi, welcome to a random quiz that exists only because of my boredom!!!!!! im at school while making this. someone save me. i hate school so muuuuccchh

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Created by: tsukii

  1. hi
  2. uuuummmm sup
  3. y r u here
  4. r you stupid
  5. i have state testing today...
  6. and tomorrow.....
  7. ah yey choir is my next class ^^
  8. im thirstys
  9. *drinks water*
  10. i dont like people...
  11. brb going to choir :3
  12. im back
  13. choir was fun-ish
  14. cuz we sang an epic mashup of payphone and story of my life
  15. yes my choir teacher made it, hes super cool :D
  16. im gonna stop now cuz this is getting to long
  17. BYE

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