How bad is your school?

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Disclaimer: This may be offensive for very few people so if you think your school is good, this probably will not be accurate. So uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah.

So this test will determine how smart/dumb your school is, the reputation of the school and more! Just take it already lol. randomwordstofillupthelimitsothiscangetpublished

Created by: backwards

  1. Do you have too much/too little homework?
  2. Does your school's tests give you questions that are above/below your knowledge?
  3. What's the majority of your class/school being dumb/smart?
  4. Do people get regularly sent to the principals office (and do they deserve it)?
  5. What is the ratio/percentage of bullies in your school? (in the past we're in covid year boi)
  6. How severe is the bullies?
  7. Do you feel safe?
  8. What school form are you on? (Answers may vary due to me interviewing other students)
  9. Is the teacher's behavior good?
  10. Is the student's behavior good?
  11. If you visited the principals office before, is she/he reasonable and understanding?
  12. Does the superintendent come here every so often?

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Quiz topic: How bad is my school?