Starting Middle School P2

Find yourself in a whirl wind of unexpected turns and weird stuff! Hope you engoy my quiz. Find yourself in a whirl wind of unexpected turns and weird stuff! Hope you engoy my quiz.

Find yourself in a whirl wind of unexpected turns and weird stuff! Hope you engoy my quiz. Find yourself in a whirl wind of unexpected turns and weird stuff! Hope you engoy my quiz!!!

Created by: Kattie1999

  1. You go home to find that two guys are standing in front of your house!? You walk up and you see Vance and Ricki! Vance runs up to you gives you a piece of paper and then runs off! You walk up to Ricki who says, "I know we havent known each other for long, and all. But, would you want to go eat or something?".
  2. "Sure. You wanna go to the mall? Maybe tomarro?" you ask. "Yes! See you tomarro after school." he kisses you on the cheek and runs off.
  3. You are stunned. You open the piece of paper and see you and Vance sitting in a resturaunt. Below that it said "Wanna go? Tomarrow?". You are tierd and go to sleep. In the morning you decide that at 4:00pm you would go to the mall with Ricki, at 6:00pm you would eat at a restuaraunt with Vance, and at 8:00pm you would go to the dance with Caleb.
  4. You went to school and saw Caleb waiting by your locker. He saw you and stood up straight. You walked up to him and said, "Hi". "So, do you have an answer?" he said shyly. "Yes i do. Ill go with you. You can pick me up at 8:00. Tonight." you spoke with happiness. "Great! See you then!" he ran off. The rest of school went smoothly. Brianna went with you to the mall at 3:00 to get a dress for the day. After searching awile you and her found a beautiful night sky blue speggeti strapped drees. It was knee length and it had seceunce on the bottom and top. You changed into it and waited for Ricki to show up.
  5. Ricki arrives and you 2 have a great time shopping and playing around. Then when you say you have to go he brings you outside and sits you on a bench benethe a tree. "_______, i have loved the time we have spent together. And i love you!" he smiles. He leans forward and kisses you. Then he says good-bye and leaves.
  6. You leave and try to find Vance. You see him sitting on the corner of the street. "Vance!" you yell, "What are you doing here, we have to get going." you smile. "He gets up, and takes you hand and walks you to a fancy restuaraunt called "Beauty Eats". You sit down on a table of two and order the salad. You two eat and talk for a while, then you guys go outside and sit on the wall. Vance gives you a peice of paper and you look at it, it is a picture of you and him kissing. He smiles and skoots closer. You two kiss and then smile.
  7. You leave and go home to do your hair and put on make up. 15 minutes later Caleb arrives at your house. "WOW!! You look beautiful!" he says. "Thank you" you blush. You 2 walk to the school and sit at a table. They played cool songs and then, a slow song came up. "May i have this dance?" he asks. You get up and dance with him. It was a beautiful song. He looked you in the eyes and kissed you, of coarse. You let him and after he kissed you laid your head on his cheast. You had a great rest of the night. You went home and fell asleep.
  8. You wake up to find it is the weekend. You awake and get dressed. Today you weir...
  9. You take a walk through the park. You sit on a bench there and see a guy coming up to you. "Hello. You must be the only beautiful girl on the planet, your face shines in the sun like the moon." the guy says. "Why, thankyou" you reply. He looks maybe a few years older than you maybe in 9th grade. He has brown hair and emerald green eyes. You can tell he is rich but he isnt all proper, he is quit normal. "My name is Matthew." he said. "And my name is ______" you laugh. "May i have the pleasure of accompaning you this fine day!" he smiled. "Sure, yes." you replie.
  10. But, then CLIFF HANGER!! tHANKS FOR TAKING MY QUIZ HOPE YOU LIKED IT! Please leave comments.

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