Spy Love Story for Girls

Hi! Have you ever wanted guys to fight over you? Well then this quiz is for you! In this quiz, you are stuck between choosing from 4 guys! Find out your match in this quiz!

Also, there is gonna be a contest to see who can come up with the best name for the girl in the quiz! The name will appear in Part 2. Just add a comment that includes a name for the girl and what you liked about this quiz!

Created by: Amy Rose ♥

  1. Here is your basic summary of your life. You are a 13 year old girl. You are a spy for the International Spy Association. You and your friends, Asher, Alex, and Rob are all in a group together, which means you go on missions and work together. You are sitting in a room when hunky Alex walks in.
  2. Alex looks at you and says, "Hey _____." You reply, "Hey Alex." He sits down on the couch next to you. "I just broke up with Kiki." Alex tells you. You look at him in surprise. Kiki had been dating Alex since they were 11! "I'm sorry to hear that!" you reply.
  3. Alex turns to you. "Um, this is kinda awkward, but I really need you to date me." You look at him in surpise. "Uh, you like me?" you ask in surpise. "No!" Alex cries. "I just need you to make Kiki jealous. So we can get back together."
  4. "Fine." You reply. "Thanks. I owe you one, okay?" Alex replies. You nod. "Okay now we need to kiss." says Alex. "WHAT?" you ask. Alex shrugs. "Hey, we are supposed to be dating..." You sigh. "Okay fine."
  5. You lean in to him and your lips lightly touch his. Instead of pulling away he pulls you close and you keep kissing.Your lips tingle and you feel yourself falling for him. You kiss for ten minutes. When you pull away you can see that his eyes are full of love for you. You almost feel the same way. Almost.
  6. "That was amazing!" he says. "You are beautiful." You smile. "Did you feel that way before?" He blushed. "Yeah. That's why I broke up with Kiki." You sigh and put your head against his chest. Just then your friend Rob walks in, a bouquet of roses in his hand. He stops when he sees you.
  7. "H-hi Rob!" You stammer, pushing Alex away. Rob is a quiet, cute, tan guy who you have a slight crush on. And you have a hunch that those roses are for you. "Hi..." Rob says. "Did I interrupt something?"
  8. "Well, not really," you reply, and you can see the hurt look on Alex's face. "I should go." says Alex, and he leaves the room. You slap your hand to your forehead. Rob sits down next to you. "Um, ______? Will you go out with me?" He asks. "Well, I really don't know..." you begin, but you are cut off when Rob grabs you and kisses you on the lips.
  9. You almost fall out of your chair in surprise. Rob has always been quiet and shy, but never impulsive and romantic! He looks into your eyes. "I love you." Rob tells you, and you start kissing. You kiss for about a minute until you start french kissing! The feeling is amazing.
  10. Just then two boys burst into the room. One of them is Asher, your crazy, impulsive, really cute friend. The other is Bryan, a cute bully.
  11. "I love you, _____!" calls Asher, pushing Rob out of the way to kiss you. He kisses you for a minute until Bryan, overcome with jealousy, knocks Asher out of the way and starts kissing you. Just then Alex walks in.
  12. You are stuck between 4 amazing guys! Find out who you will date! Also, did you like this quiz?

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