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So this is a story of you (your name is _____ ) and your forced on this island with no idea where you are or what's going on. You will meet several characters (guys) and learn about the island.

Ok this is for girls obviously, so guys, if you are taking this you are weird. But for all the girls that take this: how will your story end and how will your time on the island be?

Created by: Erin
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  1. It all happened really fast. They scooped you up at school, threw you on a plane and sent you off. No one will give you answers, and then they hand you a parachute and tell you this is your stop. The last thing you remember is jumping.
  2. You blink your eyes in the bright sun. You mouth is full of sand and you struggle to stay conscious. Carefully, you try to stand up. Your right wrist hurts to move but you manage to sit. "Guys!" you hear someone yell. Someone comes charging into view. "Oh my gosh! Are you ok?" a boy says. He comes into focus. He has blue-grey eyes and beige hair. "Who are you?" he asks. "I'm _____" you say. "Well I'm Brendan. You don't look like you belong to any of the tribes here." He smiles widely.
  3. "Yo Brend!" you hear another voice say. And yet another, "What's the deal man? We've gotta-WHOA!" You turn and see two guys sprinting over. They kneel down beside you. "Her name's _____." Brendan says. "This is Cade and Jayn." Jayn looked toward you shyly and smiled. He had clear eyes that looked like the sky and soft brown hair. On the other hand Cade had black hair and charcoal eyes that reflected like a mirror.
  4. "Guys where's Kylen?" Brendan moaned. "We...we..thought he was, um, right behind us. I'll um, go look, b-bye" Jayn stuttered and took off running. You try and stand again, but your wrist and ankle succumbs to pain again. Cade gasped, "Geez, your a little beat up. How'd you get here 'cause you don't look like you belong to our tribes." Brendan agreed with a nod, "That's what I thought. But she couldn't be from the Advancers World...could she?"
  5. "Ok, seriously, what is going on around here? Tribes? Advancers World? Somebody better start explaining." You shout, getting angry now. "Well thats easy." An unfamiliar voice says. "You made it to our island, which is split into 6 tribes, Stone, Mist, Magma, Cloud, Dusk and Dawn. I'm from Magma, and my names Kylen." "Yeah that's pretty much it." Brendan says. "I'm from Mist. Cade, will you go tell Jayn we found Kylen?" Brendan asks. "Which way did he go?" Cade asks. "Come with me we'll find him faster." And they both take off. Your left with Kylen, red-brown hair shining in the sun, and orange-brown eyes that gleamed like the sun itself.
  6. Kylen helped you finally stand up and you tested you damaged limbs. Only your wrist was the real problem. "Sadly I can't help you there." Mist is really good at medical stuff like should find Brendan." Kylen says. "Umm, ok where is he?" you say. "You know as much as I do. Catch you later cutie!" He says and kisses you on the cheek.
  7. You start walking down the sand and spot footprint leading toward the jungle behind you. Cautiously, you follow them. After a few minutes, you see Cade up ahead speaking with someone out of view. You call his name and he turns and spots you. He quickly finishes his discussion and whoever was with him took off into the brush. "Hey _____. What are you doing here?" He says, eyes darting about. "Kylen ditched me at the beach, he said Brendan could help me with my wrist. Have you seen him?" "Yeah actually, he just went that way." he says pointing to his left. "I can show you if you want." You nod and fall in step beside him. He doesn't try to make conversation, but glances all around.
  8. Cade points to a clearing up ahead. "He should be over there. This is as far as I can go...tribal boundaries. Try not to cause a scene, it will only end badly. Now I have to go." He meets your eyes and then turns and walks away. You jog to the clearing and see Brendan and several other boys, all dressed the same. They seem to be playing a game with a bubble of water. You stand on the edge, entranced, and Brendan leaves the game to come over to you. "_____? What's up? How'd you find us?" He says. "Wha-oh, Cade showed me. Kylen said you might be able to help me with my wrist. I guess I hurt it during the fall." You respond. "Umm, yeah I might be able to help, but you should probably come see our elders first."he says. "What do you mean, elders?" you ask. "Come on I'll show you." He says, grabbing your hand. He pulls you through the jungle. Soon, you approach a smooth black "sidewalk" that leads to an island within the island. It was a lake on the island and there was a town built in the middle. The path was set even with the water. "Welcome to Mist tribe." You cross the sidewalk and are stared at from all angles. Brendan, noticing your fear, throws his arms over your shoulders and guides you quickly to the outskirts.
  9. Brendan guides you to a tent on its own little peninsula and tells you to wait outside. He comes out a few minutes later and tells you to go in. Alone. You enter the tent and see 4 old men all dressed in regal attire that slightly resembled Brendan's clothes. One speaks. "So you are from the Advancers World? Well there may be no way back for you. You will have to become part of a tribe and join our lifestyle here on this island. Until that time there is nothing we can do to help you. I suggest you leave this tribe unless you plan on joining right now... no? Then goodbye." The voice he used was so sarcastic and cruel. You leave the tent dumbstruck, and Brendan stands and gives you a hug. "I tried. I really did." he stammers.
  10. Slowly, you make your way down to the beach again. Ripping the tattered remains of your parachute down from a tree you sling it around two other trees to make a makeshift hammock. Carefully, you climb in and drift into a restless sleep. When the sun rises you blink your eyes to a burred figure above you! Its Jayn! "Oh, uh, hi. That's quite the, um, rig you've got there. B-but it's nothing compared to my tribes setup. Wanna come see?" You rub your eyes and nod. Groggily following Jayn's footsteps you notice nothing of interest. When he stops, you look to him, confused. He points upward. Again...nothing. Carefully he pulls a vine out from behind a tree and hooks his foot in a loop on the bottom. Grabbing you around the waist, he says "Hold on tight!" He pulls down and releases and you go shooting skyward. Screaming and clinging to Jayn's shoulders you find yourself looking across bridges and huts built into the treetops. You climb off onto the bridge and gaze around. Jayn gives you a basic tour that ends at his room. "Yep, this is Cloud. Like it?" he says with a lopsided smile as he ran his hand through his hair.
  11. Jayn announces he has a tribal meeting today, and bringing you to it is kinda...against the rules. So once again you find yourself wandering back toward the shoreline. You saunter along the edge, taking off your shoes and soaking your feet in the water. Up ahead, you notice a dark figure staring your way. Nervously, you continue walking. As you approach they step out into the sunlight.
  12. And...cliffhanger :D
  13. Which tribe do you think you will want to end up joining?
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