Spiritual personalities

There are some people that are very spiritual and generous and there are some that aren't but if you aren't that doesn't make you evil or anything you are just fine

Are you spiritual do you have the spiritual personality well if you do that is very nice because it means you are kind and if you are not spiritual than that doesn't mean you are a bad person

Created by: Maddy S of Maddy S
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are always calm?
  2. Would you prefer to wear a white or black dress
  3. What power would you like to have
  4. are you very neat
  5. Do you like to dress up
  6. Do you like sports
  7. Do you believe in god
  8. Are a girlie-girl or a tom-boy
  9. Are you generous
  10. Do you like modern or not

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