Sophie's oc trivia quiz

Ok I can't feasibly expect any of you to actually know anything about my characters, but I was bored and I'm pretty sure all the questions have information that I've supplied while rping at some point so we'll see

These are all questions about characters from either Fandom High or Spring Hills, so it won't be anyone you don't recognise. Good luck, not that I actually care what score you get

Created by: Sophie

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  1. What was Jasper's sister called?
  2. Which state did Gabriel grow up in?
  3. How many girlfriends has Hugo had?
  4. What kind of cat is Darwin?
  5. Why was Jake expelled from his old school?
  6. What's Red's real name?
  7. What instrument does Noah play?
  8. What was Piper's pet frog called?
  9. What was my FHS teacher called?
  10. Who named Darwin?

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