How far is your knowledge of The Lion King?(HARD!!!)

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This quiz is pretty much just about the family tree about the characters of The Lion King. This quiz might actually be harder than you think! Good luck!

I know this quiz doesn't have that many questions, but that's because I couldn't get as much information as I wanted on these questions. I did get a little help from youtube, though.

Created by: Emily

  1. OK, let's start at the beginning of the story. Who is Ahadi's father?
  2. Who is Ahadi's mate?
  3. Who was Mufasa's mate?
  4. How did Scar get his scar?
  5. What is Scar's real name?
  6. Who was Uzuri?
  7. Who was Nala's mother?
  8. Who was Nala's sibling?(Don't know what sibling means-look it up.)
  9. Who was Kovu's step brother and step sister?(In order)
  10. Who was Simba's and Nala's cubs?
  11. Who did Vitani fall in love with?
  12. OK! Hope you enjoyed my quiz! Hope you like your results! Please comment and rate! If you liked my quiz and want more like it, please tell me! So, will you comment and rate?(P.S. Your answer has no effect on your result!)

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Quiz topic: How far is my knowledge of The Lion King?(HARD!!!)