SonicTails LF is the best!!

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So hi< this is a quiz for SonicTails LF unless you are taking the quiz BECAUSE you are a guest so let's get in! And this is also a shout-out to her because of her HILARIOUS quizzes!

Sorry if the quiz is not accurate though... jehfukuh3rgfy3k4kfgkyrgfgrgfigfrgfgeiygifrhefehfiehfehiehfiehrhfiefheihfiefeuifhriehfieryfeiifyiyhfeifeifeyfrefhefei

Created by: Tremendus
  1. First up, are you K?
  2. Second, did you make the quiz called "Which Pizza Are U" quiz that me "Tremendus" suggested?
  3. Third, is Accalia123 your frend on GoToQuiz?
  4. Fourth. Why are you here
  5. Halfway there. DID you have My_Wolves comment on some of your quizzes????
  6. upside down letter i!!!
  7. are you happy
  8. BOIIIII!!!!
  9. lajgdweiudyh7eu
  10. oifhehrfoherhufheohfho
  11. OK.... BYE!!! GET YOUR SCORE!!!!

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