Someday nothing will be left for us (part 7)

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Hey part 7 is here. Sorry came out later then I said. I got busy yesterday again. But it's out. Comment please on how you think. I'm sorry and I hope you all enjoy!

"Fang!" Lighting yells. "On it!" Fang says jumping out of the falling airship. The two girls jump out and summon a flying edolion. The ride on the back and get Snow and Sazh. "Are you okay!?" asks Vanille to Hope as they fall thousends of feet. About to hit the ground. "Oh, I'm just great!" Hope relies. (Final Fantasy 13)

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. Days go on. You feel empty ever day of your life now. You have no fragments of you're memory returned. You been hearing from the girl who speaks to you. Her name is Mayaha. She seems to know you and you feel like you know her. But you then feel like she shouldn't be trusted. Cole talks to you more often but sometimes he'll just back away from you entirely and not speak to you for days. You and Jake get along. You help Maddison cook and play games. Jared still seems to not trust you but you shrug that off.
  2. One day your watching a movie. It was monthly movie night. You sat on the couch in sheep pajamas. Jake ordered Italian food. Jerad was on the floor munching on bread sticks. Cole had fettichini alfredo. Maddison had a ceaser salad. Jake had a meatball soup. You sat on the couch and stared at your spegetti and meatball bowl with red tomato sauce. You then feel sad.
  3. "What movie is it this time?" asks Jared. "It's called Marley and Me," Maddison says. "That puppy show? Boring..." Jared sighs. "Look I don't want to scare Cali," Maddison snaps. "It's fine..." you say. "I'll be find why don't we watch something that everyone will enjoy." Everyone looks at you and stayed silent. Jake stood up and says "Here why don't we watch Indiana Jones. The first one. Has action, no zombies, good story and it's an adventure." "That old hat guy?" Jared says. "Whats wrong with Indiana Jones?" Jake growls. You were surprised because Jake was so smart and nutrel. Nothing got him upset. "Ignore him, lets just watch the movie," Cole says wrapping his pasta with a fork. "Here!" Maddison says getting up. Putting in a movie. "What is it?" Jared asks. "I'm not going to tell you the movie because your so picky," Maddison says. Jared mumbled under his breath. Maddison rolls her eyes and sits back down.
  4. It was a romance movie but with twists. It was about a girl who loves this one man. He loved her back. He was really loayal to him. Giving her everything. They were dancing at a ball. He was not able to go because he had work to do. But while she was alone she met another man. He was cuter, smarter and friendly. Later on the girl cheated on the guy who loves her to be with that one she met at the ball. You find out that their jobs were enemies.
  5. The movie was finally over. You didn't say anything. You were upset with the girl. She left a guy who really loved her and broke his heart. "That girl is mean...." you say. "Yeah, well next month it'll be something else," Maddison says. Cole looks at you from a glance. Trying to read your expression. You looked at your pasta. You didn't eat any of it. "I'll get going to bed..." you say getting up and putting your leftovers in the fridge. You walk slowly to your room and a vision plays in your mind. You experienced something similar. You don't know why though. You lay down on your bed and think really hard. "Who am I....and what have I done..." you whisper under your breath. You close your eyes and fall asleep. You were sitting down on a chair next to a wall. You look around and see an outdoor party. You look down at your light blue dress that wen to your knees. A purple bird was in your hair on your right side. A sparkly sky blue flower was tied to your wrists by a silver ribbon. A silver necklace was on your neck. You remember this now. It's the yearly dance in your town. Its a big celebration for three days straight of parties and games.
  6. People were eyewhere. With light pink skin or white, even a hint of blue was glowing from people. You look at your white gloved hand. You were holding a heart shaped locket. You open it and see a picture of you and Michael from last year. Same celebration. The celebration of the new moon. Unlike normal new moons the moon was going to be a glowing gold. You look up and see no moon. It was normal. The plants had no flowers or leaves. The grass was dead. Around you were green glowing lamps hung by black poles. There was no sound except for a piano playing from nowhere. Not a piano a river, along with rustling of trees. It was such an amazing event. People danced happily. You look down at the picture of you and Michael. You sigh. This event is very special to you. Last year Michael gave you the silver locket and you stared at the sky. Seeing th gold moon shine gently like a warm smile. He also kissed you. You blush at the thought of it. You been together with him for how long? A couple for 2 years. But really you think it's been since you were fourteen because he said you were really cute. You look around and see everyone having fun. You were sixteen. You sigh again. *Michael where are you?* you think to yourself.
  7. "Hey you seem lonely," says a guy sitting next to you. You ignore him Staring at the setting sun. Hoping that Michael would be here. He joined union corps. The military. He was going for being a general to help protect people. He was set on that. So he became very busy. "So waiting for someone?" the guy asks. "Yes and he'll be here any minute," you say sternly. "Okay, well the real fun will start when the sun is down. So he's late," the guy says. "No....just a bit..." you say. "Just a lot, he should have been smart and came here early then," he says chuckling. "Whats so funny?" you ask turning your head to look at him You notice he had enchanting firey red eyes. He had smooth black army cut hair. His skin was a glowing white with a hint of grey. You have seen many people with red eyes but none like his. He was wearing a black suit with a white bow. "I'm Dustan by the way," he says reaching his hand out for a shake. You shake his hand cautiously saying "Cayaha..." He chuckles, "You act like I'm a pysho path or something...." He shakes his head grinning. His grin wasn't the one like Michael's happy, kind sweet grin. Dustan's smile was witty, cute, and heart attck causing. It just dragged you in and made you blush. You gulped that down and look back at the setting sun.
  8. "Michael please hurry...." you whispeoftly under your breath. "I don't see your date yet.....want to dance?" he asks standing up. "He'll be here....just wait and see...." you say. The guy sighs. "Your pretty stuborn.....oh well shows that you have faith in the man you love. See ya Cayaha!" he winks and walks away into the crowd of the party. You wait there for hours. You don't see any sign of Michael. Your heart achs. *Would he break up with me this way? No....he wouldn't he'll come...* you think to yourself. The sun comes up and you fell asleep on the chairs. You hear a beautiful song. You open your eyes and see that people were still dancing and having fun. You look to your side to see where the beautiful song came from. You see a phoenix. It was a beautifl flame silver. It's eyes were crystal blue and it's bead was like an egale's. The bird had long leathers that touched the ground when it was sitting on the edge of the chair. It was Michael's bird. The bird picked a note tied by a purple stained ribbon. You read it and could tell it was Michael's. Though it was hard to read because it was rushed. It said "I'm sorry I can't be there Cayaha. My group and I were on a mission in the mountains. We got into a little sitiuation. The vehicles to get back home broke down. It'll take a while to get back home. I'm so sorry. I have to" then there was a blood stain on the edge of the paper. You sigh sadly. "What should I do now..." You say softly.
  9. You wake up in your bed. "I gained a fragment of my memory!" you say. You look around and don't see anyone around. You get a strange feeling inside of you. You look at yourself in the mirror and see something different about you. Your dark brown eyes turned silver when you take deep breaths. You back away trying to hold in your breath. The silver eyes don't go away. "Who am I......." you whisper. A knock is on your door. You jump up. "Hey Cali...." Cole opens the door then says "What the fudge....." He stands there and stares at you. "I don't know whats going on....." you say. "It's not just the silver eyes....your hair changed....Are you going through puberty? I thought girls mature quicker then guys but you could be a late bloomer...." he says. "No!" you says louder then you exspected. The mirror in your room broke. "Whoah....." Cole breathes. "How did I do that?" you say trying to keep your voice low. "I don't know but I found out something about this chaos person," Cole says. You nod. "What is it?" you ask trying to keep your voice from getting to high pitched. Cole leaves and brings back the books.
  10. He puts the books on your bed and opens on of the big ones to a page in the middle. "Chaos is a goddess," Cole says pointing at a picture of a woman with a black fog surrounding around her. "Chaos...." you say the name. It rings a bell but you don't know which one. "But the thing is there isn't a goddess with her exact descriptions. Besides people like her don't exsist in this world," he explains. "They do in mine..." you say finally realizing something. "What do you mean?" Cole asks. "I don't belong in this world.....the place where we saw Michael...thats where I'm from....I remember that now," you say. "Do you know anything about this chaos chick. You nod "I heared of her. A dark goddess. She consumes souls to walk among us. To be awaken. But why does Michael says it's her? She can't be awake. She's never awake. If she ever was. Everything in my world would not exsist...." you say. "I read it in here," Cole says holding the glasses. "She can control people against their will. If she has something against them. She can control them and they would be her little slaves. But over time the person themselves will be consumed and forget everything. Except to serve her..."
  11. "I think Michael is being controlled by her and she's slowly consuming his very soul. Cleaning it of his memories. He wont remember anything except to just serve her," Cole says. "We can probably summon him. Try to save him." "How?" you ask. "This book also tells us how to summon her minions. We can probably summon him then trap him. We'll then figure it out from there." Cole says. You nod. "Okay....." you sigh and say "Michael....what is she holding against you?"
  12. *Away from your point of view* Theres a big mansion in the middle of the snowing mountains. Theres a giant wall that only someone who could fly go through. Some people guard the walls. People walk around with weapons and staffs. Some had on robes or armor. The mansion itself was big with marble floors. The big doors of the front icy blue house lead to a big room. A woman was sitting on a throne. Dressed in a pure black, strapless dress. Black feathers were used for her skirt. She had black ballerina like shoes with a bow around her ankle. She had a blood red rose around her neck with thorns. He hair was a long dark brown. Her eyes were a glowing pure white. She was small and young looking. About sixteen years old.
  13. She snaps her fingers. Looking at the frozen hallways, floors and ceilings. A golden goblet floats in the air with blue liquid. She drinks it silently. Footsteps echo through the hallways. "You majesty, permission to speak?" he says cautiously. "Permission granted..." the girl says in a melodlic voice. "They are going to summon him. Should we bring in extra forces?" the man says. "'s alright, he's already a important piece to my chess game..." she says smiling. The man nods. "Make preperations for the party. It isn't a proper full moon celebration for nothing......Have fun..." she says carelessly. "Yes...." the man stands and walks away. "Also bring him to me....we need a little talk," she says. A couple minutes later, Michael walks to her. Then he knelts. Looking like he doesn't want to but something inside is forcing him. "Michael, so good to see you. Is the little game working well?" she says. Michael then says, "What you did to my unforgivable....Then what you did to..." Michael grits his teeth. "I didn't do anything..." the woman stands and walks around him. "You did that to her. Don't you remember? She doesn't feel the same way for you anymore.....Just give in to this force and serve me. You wont feel pain but loved." the woman says in an enchanting voice. "I would rather have my soul destoryed..." he mumbles. She touches his cheek gently. Then she knelts down and looks him in his white eyes. "It's harder for you to give in because you are stronger then the rest of my servants. But you will give in. No matter what..." she says serious. Then her eyes glow and Michael's eyes glow. He boils his hands into fist. He looks like he wants to scream in pain but he doesn't. "Like I said...I would rather have my soul destoryed..." he says blood dripping from his mouth. The girl smiles, "Oh your soul huh?"

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