Someday nothing will be left for us (part 6)

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Hey part 6 is here. Sorry two days late I became busy. An 7 should be out on Saturday or right after 3 tomarrow. I have a important event I must go to. Just the heads up. Please comment if you can. Lets me know wether or not to continue. Thank you and have fun.

I decided to just do lyrics or scenes from songs, animes, movies etc: Enemy, familar friend, my begining and my end. Knowing truth, whispering lies and it hurts again....(Red: Fight inside)

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. "Okay, I want answers now," Cole says standing up to Michael. Michael looks town to his side and says "I wish I could give them to you...." "You must still care for her still but keep her in the dark. Do you know what happened to her memories?" Cole asks getting fustrated. "Michael...." you say standing up. Some hair blowing in your eyes. "You know what happened don't you? I recognize that look," you say looking at him in the eyes. "Can you even look at me?" you ask, "Do you have no intrest for me? Do you hate me or something?" you ask. "Never.....I would never hate you...." he says. His eyes full sadness.
  2. "Can you tell us what happened for you and Cali to be seperated?" Cole asks. "She......" Michael looks at you. "She started having nightmares...." he looks down, "Chaos...." he whispers. "Chaos?" Cole asks. His eyes getting big. "Michael...your not acting like yourself..." you say touching his cheek. Then something happened that scared you. His white eyes turned pure gold. Lighting struck him. He bit his tonge in pain. "What's happening?" Cole asks. Storm clouds started to form in the sky.
  3. "Run Cahaya......wake up...." he whispers when the lighting disapppeared. "Michael..." you say trying to comfort him. But he whispers "take'll help you read the books.....I wish..." he hands you a pair of blue glasses. "I wish I could do more...." He then fades away and you wake up on you're bed with Cole on the floor. He sits up scratching his head. "What just happened?" he says like he has a headache. Your head hurts too. "Michael...." you whisper. Letting what just happen sink in. "Where's is he?" you jump up. Looking around desperatly. "He got struck by lighting and gave you glasses. are still wearing that white dress with the flower and bird," Cole says. "What? This never happens....." you're eyes get big. "Chaos...." you whisper the name gravely. "I know that from somewhere..." you look down. You feel like crying but theres no one for you to run to. "Michael...." you say the name softly. You fall on your knees. "I can't....go on without him..." you whisper. "Hey..." Cole grabs your hand. "Don't worry he comes back all the time doesn't he?" He asks. You nod slowly. "Then he'll be back and alright. Something tells me that lighting wont scare him off easily."
  4. "Just right after I remember him....his could I do that to him. Even without my memory he's always been there..." you say your eyes tearing up. "I don't think he would want to see you sad....keep on going and get your memory for him okay? Then we'll figure it out from there," Cole says looking you in the eyes. You then feel dragged in by the hazel eyes. "Okay...." you says quietly. "Now let's find out about this book a little bit more...." Cole says grabbing the glasses. He then notice he's still holding your hand. He backs away quickly. Then he leave you alone with the glasses and book. You just lay there.
  5. Days passed on by. You try your best to keep your mind off of what happened. But the chess doesn't help. Maddison tries to comfort you but it never helps. It's not him. You feel empty without him You listen to the voices more often. One particullar actually. The one that spoke to you when you told Michael to leave. She sounds very familar and is your only comfort. You don't know wether to trust her or not. After a while fear started to swell up in you. Afraid of somthinconsuming your very soul. You would wake up crying and sweating in the middle of the nights. No one heard you though.
  6. One night you had a strange dream. You were standing in the middle of nothingness. Everything around you was dark. You see a light glow and see Michael. You reach out for him. He throws his hand for yours but right when your fingers touched he faded away. "Michael!" you yell. "Cahaya!" he calls your name. Then your left alone on your knees. "Michael...." you whisper feeling like crying. "Don't worry" you hear the voice again. "Who are you?" you ask out loud. You stand up looking around for any signs of life. "I'm a friend" the voice says. You feel another being's back touching yours. You turn around a see a girl with long silky black hair. She turns around and you see dark purple glwing eyes. Her skin was ghostly white. Her sking was flawless. You felt like you recognize her but you can't put your finger on it.
  7. "Do you know where I am?" you ask. "We are in the deepest part of your mind. After this you might get fragments if something special to you reminds you," she says her voice like a song bird's. "So I'll be remembering everything after this!?" you ask with a little bit of excitment. "Yes....but I want to ask you a question," the girl says looking you in the eyes. "What is it?" you ask. "Do you really want your memories?" she asks seriously. You nod. "I mean have you really thought about don't know what happened. Why you have voices in your head in the first place. Your nightmares they might be showing you visions," she says sincerly. "Visions of what?" you ask. "The future maybe......who knows....but maybe they are warnings. Warning of you what could happen if you continue to try and remember...." you stare at her. Taking in her words. "Or maybe you and Michael are no longer together?" she tilts her head.
  8. "Why wouldn't I be together with him!?" you yell. She walks around you and in front of you so you saw her long hair. "I mean don't you see something different about him? Something must have happened to him." She glances at you slightly. You look down. Unable to look her in the eyes. "I have noticed that........." you say sadly. "Oh I didn't mean to get you sad!" she says looking at you with concern. "I want to know if your thinking ahead. If your prepared what might happen....or will," she says hugging you. "You don't need to be sad Cahaya....okay?" she says her words seem to wrap around your mind. You nod. "Alright, you better wake up sleepy head!" she winks at you. She steps back and you open your eyes.
  9. You sit up on the edge of your bed. Thinking about your conversation. "What happened? Do I really want my memories..." you whisper softly. Cole knocks on your door. "Hi...uh do you want some breakfest?" he asks scratching his head. "I'm not hungry......" you say gravely. "You got to eat something. Maddison will get upset. That and- are you okay?" he asks looking at you directly. "Do I want my memories? Or is it a matter should I have them? Whats the whole point of all of this?" you lay on your side having a staring contest with the wall. "Go back to him...." voices started to say in your mind. "Go back to him..." they echoed in your head. "Who should I go back to?" you whisper. "Hey are you alright?" he asks with concern sitting next to you on your bed. You look at him without turning your head. "Kill him...." the voices say instantly, "Kill him...." You imagine yourself choking him with your bare hands. You felt like smiling but you push the thought away. *I would never hurt a friend* you thought. "You already have...." the voices reply to your thoughts. "Cali...." Cole whispers under his breath.
  10. You sit up and ask "Would I hurt anyone?" "What?" Cole asks confused. "Do you think I would hurt anyone?" you ask again in a whisper. "No your one of the sweetest, micest, cutest- er" he clears his throat "nicest girl I ever met." "Am I really nice....I don't even know who I am..." you say looking back on the ground. Then surprising you Cole hugs you. "It's alright Cali....I'm here for you," he says in a soft tone. "Kill him.....Kill him..." you hear the voices say.

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