Someday nothing will be left for us (part 4)

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This is part 4. I hope you enjoy it. Comment on how you thought of this part. I hope you enjoy yourselves and have fun. Thank you for taking my quiz.

You are experiencing a fragment of you're memory. You don't remember anynthing. A guy appears in you're dreams. Cole trys to keep his distance from you. The rest of the group seems to be accepting you little by little.

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. You wait patiently each day, each week. Hoping for you're kidnappers to be stupid enought to leave a screw driver. One day that you're waiting has paid off. He left a screw driver on the counter by you're cell. You grab it quickly. A smile grew on you're face. You might be able to go back home. You look over to the cell next to you and see Michael. He was in the corner asleep.
  2. He was breathing heavily. You notice that you're kidnapper took him out more often for "walks". Well not walks. You only had to deal with a "walk" once. But what he did was make you run with a colar on you're that shocks you. You had to walk through a bowl of needles, knifes, some scorpians and spiders. While he tomented you by throwing snakes on you. You had to search for a piece of a dead mouse. It was the scariest moment of you're life. But it's not as bad when he once cut you open alive to see if you were sick. That was when you had a bad fever. Michael got sick a lot so he had many scars on him. The cruel man wouldn't even clean the wound so they might get infected. Michael got more "walks" and "high class care". He opened his eyes when you called him one more time. " something wrong?" he asks weakly. "I got the screw driver!" you exclaim in a whisper. His face brightened. "Great! Remember the plan?" he asks in a whisper. You nod you're head.
  3. He opens the cells with the keys that he got. Then you two go to the vent. You watched and Michael tried to open the vent. You look up the stairs that the man comes down every time when he torments you two. Luckily there were only two of you. The door opened and the man looked down. "Michael is it open?" you whisper. "One more bolt....." he replies. "Hurry please he's coming!" you say fear rising up in you. "It's open!" Michael exclaims. He pulls the opening. "What are you two doing?" the man demand stomping down the stairs quickly. Almost in front of you. Michael pushes you in. He closes the vent with you in it. "Go!" He whispers. "Michael!" you cry but he closed the screw. You look through the vent and see the man slap Michael. "What are you doing?" he growls. "Nothing...." Michael says coughing. "Are you trying to escape? Sorry but you gotta be a good boy.......wait for her to come..." he says. "Where's the girl!?" The man snaps. Michael stayed quiet. "You little brat!" he kick's Michael across the room. You close you're mouth trying not to scream. "You need to be taught a lesson...." the mand smiles cruely. Walking toward him. "STOP IT!" you yell. The man turns and see's you in the vent throught the openings. "You're in there little girl? Let me get you out...."he says grabbing the screw driver. "Leave her alone...." Michael croaks. Two screws where open. "Leave Cahaya alone!" Michael says. Blood started coming through his new scar from "high class care". The last screw was gone and he opened the vent. You watched in horror. Un able to move with a tear coming down you're cheek. "I SAID LEAVE CAHAYA ALONE!" Michael yelled. Then he got up. Some of the man's tool's floated up in mid air and struck the man. "What the- AHH!" the man screamed in pain. Then he moved no more. Michael ran to you.
  4. Michael helps you out and said "Common!" You stared at him and stutter "H-how d-did you do that?!" "I'm not sure but let's leave this horror house and go back home..." You look at him and nod. The two of you run up the stairs and out the front door and find you're in the middle of a forest. "How do we go back home now?" you ask looking around you. "Let's just run. We'll be alright together okay?" Michael says smiling. "You're cut!" you exclaim. "I'll be alright," he smiles. You smiled back. Running through the forest holding hands.
  5. You then wake up in the present. You sit up scratching you're head. You head pounds in you're ears. You wonder what happened. The voice from the night before left. You get up slowly. You walk cautiously and notice you're door is unlocked. You just realize that you gained a fragment of you're memory. You still don't know where you're from but remember the boy Michael. The man that tortured you and him. The way you two escaped. You use the wall for support. You hear the others talking in the living room. Jake says "What happened last night was unusual...." "Unusual? It was freaky!" Jerry exclaims. "Quiet, she's probably still asleep. "Maybe that movie really scared her?" Jake says. "Note to self never show her scary movies or she'll become scary," Jerry says sarcasticly. "Shut it, I don't think it was that. She said something about a voice in her head. Whatever those voices are they are probably the cause of her memory loss," Cole says concluding that mystery. "But why are there voices in her head in the first place?" Jake says. Everyone grew silent. "I don't know why voices are in my head" you say weakly. "Cali!" the three guys stand up. Maddison run to you and helps you walk. "Are you alright?" she asks with concern. "I'm fine.....that movie I think activated a fragment of my memory...." you say as you sat down on a high chair for the counter. "A fragment?" Jake asks raising an eyebrow. "You know how they were tormented, scared out of their minds about the zombies..." you say. They nodded. "Something like that happened to me when I was little for a couple of years..." you say. "Until I was 12...." You explain about what you remember about Michael, the evil man and how he tormented you when you were little. "What's the proof of this?" Jerry asks. You then remember when you took a shower seeing a strange marking on you're side. It was very faint but big enough to see. You pull up you're gown and show them the scar you got the first time the man cut you open for "high class care". Maddison gasps. They were all silent. You put you're gown down. "Whatever happened back then is in my past. Part of my memory. That's what the movie reminded me of."
  6. "What about this Michael?" Cole asks curious. "I don't know......" you admit. "So her yelled leave her alone and stuff started to fly everywhere? Is he some type of science expierment?" Jerry asks. "I don't remember much of him.....just that fragment. I still don't know my name, or where I'm from...." you say. Everyone is silent. Maddison broke the silence by saying "Well you're not there anymore. Here, you're coming with me." She grabs you're arm. "Where are you taking her?" Cole asks standing up. "To go shopping. She could use clothes that actually fit her. She's going to be staying with us for some time so why not?" Maddison states the obivous. "Where are getting the money for it?" you ask.
  7. "Well Jerry comes from a super rich family who gives him a weekly alounce of $4500," she says. "So thank him! Lets go..." she pulls you out the front door.
  8. You two go to a supermart. Looking at under garment, pajamas, pants, tops, swim suits and more. "What do you think of this?" Maddison asks showing you a grey loose shirt that had blue wings on it. One sleeve would be on you're shoulder while the other would be showing you're shoulder. "You think I could wear something like that?" you ask. "Yeah you would look cute in this with some light skinny jeans!" Maddison exclaims. "But it's Jerry's money..." you say shyly. "Don't worry about it. Think of it as him paying us back for cooking" Maddison says like it was nothing. "Okay...." you say. You look a light sky blue dress. You pick it off the rack and like the bow for you're neck that goes with it. The dress was you're size, went up to the bottom of you're knees and was strapless. You really liked it. Maddison looks at you and puts the dress in a cart. She leaves and comes back with strange items you didn't recgonize. "Here's mascara, lipsticks that will go great with your skin, eye shadow that will go great with the clothes, hair brush, purfume, deoderant, shampoo, toothpaste, lip gloss, chapsticks, necklaces, earrings, braclets and hair accecories." Maddison says showing you each one.
  9. You finally get back to the house which was on the east side of a coast town. Maddison even bought you stuff for you're room. A drawing set, mirror, and a stero. A lamp that was high so you wouldn't be throwing any around. And some books. You didn't ask for it but she bought all of it for you. You fix up the room with it's new paint. Room was now a dark purple. You lay on your bed staring at the ceiling. Letting you're mind wander. Trying to get more memory fragments. None came to you.
  10. "Hey" Cole says opening the door. "Hi...." you say. "I didn't ask for any of this stuff" you say. "Yeah.....but looks more livable" Cole says. "What's so facinating about the ceiling?" he looks up where you're looking. "You can see so many different things from the cement and rock" you say. He looks up curious at what you're looking at. "Why did you take me...." you say. "What do you mean?" he asks. "The time when you asked me questions. When I broke the lamp. Why was I here in the first place?" you ask. "I'm looking for someone....." Cole says quickly, "A girl in fact. We were a couple. But one day she disappeared. I've been searching for her." "You asked me about some books. What were they?" you say. "I don't know but I saw someone with them speaking in a weird different language. And a vortex opened. I don't know what it led to but I know those books are powerful...." Cole says. You nod. "I wish I could find her....I saw you in the warehouse with the books so I thought you knew about them.....I was hoping you would lead me to her...." Cole says looking down.
  11. You hug him. He almost stumbles in surprise. "Don't'll find don't look so sad all the time..." you say softly. "What?" Cole says shocked, sounding even scared. "okay? Promise me that please?" you say. "Wait....what do you mean?" he asks. "I miss someone too....But I don't remember them. So I know how you feel...." you say. "What are you talking about?" Cole leaves you're grasp. You look at him in the eyes and say "I sometimes feel like someone has disappeared from my world. Yet I don't remember them. But...." you say carefullying choosing you're words "I love them with all of my heart. I miss them and I feel like when I with you guys I get some recognization from the things I do and it leads to him." "How are you so sure of yourself?" Cole asks. "I know because.....I'm taking a chance...." you say. "A chance?" "The voices tell me to run. Run away from you or kill you guys. But I don't.....they tell me not to trust you. But I am. I'm trusting you guys and I hope you guys trust me." Cole's eyes got big.
  12. He then walks away and leaves. You're left there alone. You go back on you're bed. Feeling satisfied in telling him that you trust them. A voice enters you're mind "You're fate was given to the wrong person......" You try to push it away but it says "you cause nothing but everyone and him...." You then fall asleep.
  13. You're in the middle of the forest again. The bear you petted previously was not there. It was the same when you last saw it. The trees growing tall. The purple sky nice and dark. The grass a shining gold and flowers glowing silver. You have the white dress, white flower on you're wrist, and bird in you're hair still. You feel a similar presence. You turn and see the guy you always love to see.
  14. "Cahaya...." he greets kindly. You walk up to him and hug him. He hugs you back. "I remember a fragment of my memory..." you say. "Part of it....which one?" he asks. "When I escaped from the kidnapper. It-" you were saying but he picks up you're chin. Looking at you with concern. "You don't seem to be hurt...." he whispers. "Hurt?" you say confused. "As you remember fragments of you're past you will change....suffer even....but you don't seem different," he says. "So you do know about my past. Do you know who or what caused my memory to be lost?" you ask. You back away. "I can't tell you..." he says. "In other words you won't.....can you stop keeping me in the dark?" you say. "I'm trying to protect you..." he says. "Will you explain everything when you find me?" you demand. He looks away to the ground. "That is one thing I can't do willing" he says. "Did you take away my memories?" you ask. "No....I would never do that to you..." he was taken back at you're question. "I would- what makes you think that I would do such a thing?" he says. "You appear in my dreams and don't tell me anything. Heck I don't even know where we are except for you're world" you raise you're voice, getting fustrated. "Look I'm trying to protect you...." he says. "You are powerful arn't you? Can't you give back my memories?" "No I can't-" "Leave..." you save turning around. "What?" "Leave, you're not giving me answers so what are you useful for?" you say. *What am I doing? These are not my words.* You think. He nods then fades away. "What did I just do?" you say outloud. "I didn't mean that!" "But you did mean that..." says a voice in you're head. It was new and familar. "Who are you?" you say looking around. "A friend. Don't worry.....I know everything about you...I can give you answers..." the voice says. "Answers?" "Yes....answers....and more..." it says.

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