Someday nothing will be left for us

Hi it's me Wolfygirl. No one will recoginze me or don't care since I almost been gone for a year. Sorry about that. I decided to make a new story. I hope you all enjoy. Sorry if there are typos, and comment on how you think.

Imagine waking up hearing voices. You can't get rid of them. Then you're asked questions but you can't answer them. You don't even know who you are or where you came from.

Created by: Wolfygirl
  1. "Don't worry young one......" says a echoing voice. "Worry about what?" You try to say but nothing comes out. "It might hurt a little bit but don't worry. You helping us." It replied soothing you. As she spoke you felt relaxed, un able to control your own body and mind. "My sweet sacrifice. All of you pain will go away...."You try to look around but slowly you close you're eyes in the dark abyss you're in.
  2. Next thing you know you bolt up sweating. Breathing heavily. Grasping for somthing in front of you. Instead you pull a lamp and it breaks. You look on the bed you were on and try to pick it up. Untiil your senses kick in when you cut your finger. "Where am I?" You think looking around. The voice echoed in you're head, booming like a bomb. You look around taking in your suroundings. Your in a dark room. The room had no windows, one door that seemed to be chained from the inside. A closet, and a shelf of books. Not recgonizing any of it. In fact you don't even know your name.
  3. *I need to get out.* You think instantly. You feel like bursting through the doors and running off. That was your instinct. "Run...." says another voice. You look around rapidly. "Run!" It whispered. You jump out of bed stepping on some glass. It stung you're foot with pain. "Run!" The voice screamed. More voices entered your head. Saying "run" Fear started to build up inside you. Covering your ears you reach a couple books. They were old an dusty. You collapse with a big thud. You want the voices to leave you alone. "Run! RUN! RUN!" They screamed, groaned, whispered and cried. You could feel hatred, anger and revenge filling up inside you. "GET OUT!" You yell throwing a book pointlessly. Crashing into something else glass. Tears start to swell up in your eyes. "GET OUT!" She screams. You then fall on your side crying.
  4. The door then starts to thunder. Someone or something was banging on it. The chains rattled. You crie "GET OUT! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Next thing you know light shines on you. You shake rapidly. A warm hand touched you're cold ones gently. "Hey calm down." Says a young voice. But the other voices screaming in your head yell "run, run run." They seem to claw at you. Tearing you to pieces. "I just want them to stop...." you whisper finally. "Tell her to shut her pie hole. Aw common! She broke a lamp. Whats up with that? You don't like our hospitality?" says another annoyed. "Hey, stop it will you. Give me the bag. Jerry clean up the mess." The one touching your hands snapped. You feel something tight wrap around you're wrists together. Then before you could look at them a dark bag is covering your face. You are picked up and taken to somewhere unkown.
  5. You feel cold air sting you. You a forcfully seated in a chair. You don't resist but they still treat you harshly. The bag was pulled away. A bright light shines on your face. You look away. Blinking your eyes rapidly. Trying to adjust to the lighting in the room and look around. You were in another room with no windows. There was a table with coffee and pastries. Nice and warm. Making you're stomach growl. A guy about 17 sits across from you. Two others were next to you. "Okay you are going to tell us everything you know. We will ask the questions, and you will answer. Got it?" says one harshly. He had dark green eyes and messy brown hair. Holding a knife near your throat. You gulp, how can you answer questions when you don't even know your own name? The voices started to claw at you're mind again. You try your hardest not to flinch because of the knife. "Run child, run to your master. Run to him! Run!" they chide. "So....first things first why were you at the old abandoned warehouse?" says the guy across the table. "Warehouse? I'm sorry I don't know what your talking about..." You croak. Hoping that was a good enough answer. "Don't lie..." Says the guy with the knife.
  6. The other guy next to you sighed. You noticed that he had navy blue dyed hair and brown eyes. "Tell me about the books you were carrying." he growls. He throws on the table some books. You felt an urge to grab them and protect them with you're life. "I don't know what those books are. Please let me go..." You reply despratly. "Look-" the guy with a knife was saying but you interupted "I don't even know who I am....all I know is that I hear voices...." you whisper. "Voices? Thats a new one. What do they say?" The guy across the table asks. "Run....." the voices speak louder. "Run! RUN TO HIM! RUN AWAY!" They yelled. "Stop it!" You scream. "Stop what?" The guy next to you asked. "GET OUT!" You cry. "Leave me alone please!" You say. They voices start to over power you're thoughts. Making it hard for you to think clearly. "Jerry-" the guy sitting down started to say but you say sweat beating down on your face " away..." you say. But it's not your voice. Well it sounded like yours but it was the voices speaking through you. "Run from what?" snapped the guy with the knife. You turn you're head slightly, the knife starting to cut your throat. "Run...." you say. The guy pulls away standing back in shock. "What the heck?" He stammered. "What?" asked the guy next to you. "Her eyes... they are silver instead of ___"
  7. The guy across from you runs next to you and says sternly "Look we are trying to find someone. You might have the answers. Thats all we want." He stared at you with beautiful hazel eyes. He had long messy, black hair that touched his eyes gently. He felt warm. But something inside of you wanted to kill him right then and there. Or call someone. "I don't know anything. I don't remember. Like my memories disappeared...." you whisper softly. The guy turns around pounding his fist on the table. "Run to" the voices now whisper. You feel tired all of a sudden and go to fall into a deep sleep.....
  8. You sit patiently on a log by a river in ther forest. The trees grew tall. The river sparkled in the moonlight. You walk to the edge of the river. You put you'r hand into the freezing water. The small fish that swim by the shore brushed against you're soft skin. You then feel a presence. You stand up and turn around to see a young mad about 18 years old. Unlike the other guys who asked questions that you didn't have answers for. He gave you a feeling of safty. Protection and kindness. He had silver hair with white eyes. His skin seemed to blend in with the light. He smiles sweetly at you and says "Ca-" But you run to him. He hugs you and pats you're head "You don't remember me yet you run to me.....I hope you're not hurt.." he spoke kindly. His voice was like honey to you. You shake you're head. "The voices....they tell me to run..." You croak. He picks up your chin "I can not stop the voices. But I might be able to ease their cries. So you wont feel pain." You nod. "But you'll have to make a deal with me." he whispered in your ear softly. He voice was so enchanting to you "Please, I'll do anything I'll stay loyal to you and only you." You say automatically. "You promise, to only love me?" he says. "Yes...." you say. He touched your forehead gently. His eyes turned pure white. Then you feel like a burden lifted from you. "It'll be time for you to wake up. I will find you soon enough Cahaya." He fades away as the wind blows. You wanted to be with him longer but as he faded you woke up.
  9. You were in the same room you woke up before. You felt where the guy touched you. You didn't feel anything. But you felt more relaxed and at ease. The door opens and you see the guy with knife. He didn't have any weapon except for a gun at his side. The other two came in. You sit up looking straight at him as he gave you a cold stare. You felt afraid. You heard the voices in your head but it was like they were locked up. "She's up, she didn't answer our questions I say-" the guy was saying but the guy who was sitting across from you interupts saying "I say she's in the clear. For now. But we can't leave her out of our sight." "What should we do she might still-" the third guy with blue hair was saying but you say shyly "Um excuse me but do you have something that I can eat?" Your stomach growls. They stared at you surprised that you asked for something as simple as food. "Jerry lead her to the kitchen." The guy with black hair orders. The guy with the blue dyed hair nodded. "Common" he says. You nod and get up. You're legs shake. As of they had a mind of their own and didn't want to go with him. You bite your lip and follow him out of the room. Walking casually but cautiously. Like the voices might pop up and torment you. You follow Jerry through a brown wall hallway. Then you were inside a room with a flat screen tv, game stations, long cushioned couches. The rug was soft and thick. Then the floor changes to a light green tile. Theres a brown marble counter with gray shelves. There was a microwave, stove, frigeratior, and a sink. The counter was an island which left room between the other counter seperating the living room and kitchen. A girl who looked 17 years old was cooking. She had long brown hair tied in a poney tail. A orange blouse with some jean shorts. She had a green apron that went well with her blue eyes.
  10. She was making a vase of roses. White, pink and red. Some were multi-colored of all three. The girl turns around and says "Finally your awake." You realize she's speaking to Jerry. You notice that Jerry hair was messy and uncombed. He had a stained black shirt that looks like he got out of the dirty clothes hamper and some pajama pants with spaceships on them. "You don't even try to make yourself to look nice," she sighs. "Just get her something to eat" he says coldly. "Fine Mr. Grumpy....I'll make her some egg-" the girl was saying but Jerry interupted saying "Just give her an apple." The girl grabbed a red object from a metal basket. She hands it to you. You don't know what to do. You cautiously grab the object. Looking at the dark red color. It was hard yet fragile.
  11. "Here you can have a seat" the girl says bringing out a tall chair next to the counter. You sit on it staring at the food. "Never seen an apple in your life?" Jerry said sarcasticly. Actually you never even heard of an apple. "An apple? No......I never had one..." you say softly. Jerry was surprised that you didn't see his sarcasm. That you were serious. "Don't eat the apple...." says the voices in your mind. You push them away and take a small bite. It was sweet and juicy. It was good but you felt bad eating it for some reason. Like it wasn't your food. "Hows our little guest?" ask one of the guys that were left in your room. "She's eating an apple." Jerry says.
  12. "So whats your name?" asks the girl. A different voice entered your mind saying "don't tell them your name...." You knew you could trust this voice. It was of the mysterious guy in your dream. He called you Mahaya. But you don't want to trust these people too easily. "I don't know...."You say, "I don't remember anything..." that part was true. "Well I guess we'll find that out soon enough. You guys I need to speak with you in private." says the girl. "Okay Jerry stay with her." Cole says. "All of you. She'll be fine." She says sharply. They leave you. You stand up and walk around the living room. Looking closely at the "Indiana Jones", "Transfomers", "Jurrasic Park" and other movies in the shelves under the tv. You see games such as Final Fantasy, Zelda, Grand Theft Auto, The grandfather and more. You look at a strange box. A stereo. You heard about them from somewhere but you can't remember where. But it activates when you press a triangle of some sort. You see one and press it. The music then comes out. The song "Unwritten" comes one. You like the tune and next thing you know you start to dance. You twirl and clap your hands to the beat. You put the apple down and move your hips. You had fun. You do one twirl and the song ends. Another comes one. The song "Don't forget about us" came on. You stop and listen to the lyrics. Your heart hurts. You don't know why but wish that you could be someone.

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