Another love story part 2

This is my second part to this quiz, hope you like it! Comment if you think something should be changed, or added! This is a romance, but there won't be much kissing.

These are the guys so far, Jay, dark hair and blue green eyes. Leo, blond and blue eyes. Clay, light brown almost gold hair, and hazel eyes. Brandon, with orange red hair, and blue almost green eyes.

Created by: Sumadi1313

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  1. You are in your bed, and you say goodnight to jay. You open your eyes, and you're in this weird looking room. There's a guy who is standing in front of this long dresser. "Hello?" You say hesitantly, wondering how much this is like reality. "Oh good, your here." The guy stepped out of the shadows, and was actually Brandon! "Brandon? What are you doing here? This is supposed to be my dream!" You said. He started laughing. "_____, this isn't your dream. It's our dream." He said, and spread his arms to show that jay, Leo, and clay were there, too. "What do you mean 'our' dream?" "We all have powers, some we share and others only one of us have. You have the power to dream walk, for sure, and you are also telepathic, but that's all we are really sure on. They will develop in time." After clay stopped talking, this huge shadow beast came up to you, and swallowed you whole. You scream. "Wake up! Wake up!" You wake to hear jay's yelling. "I'm up! No need to shake me until I'm dead!" You say. "Oh, good. You are ok." He replied. He left, and you thought of your dream. 'What that just a dream?' You think. ........ Good beginning?
  2. You and Jay drive to school. When you're there, this big group of girls come up to Jay, and pester him. You sneak away, smirking at Jay, and he sighs and rolled his eyes, turning back to the 'fan' girls. You don't pay attention to where you're going, and fall into someone. Then, you feel a hand over your mouth, and you are dragged away. You try to break away, but you can't.
  3. 'At least you can see!' You thought. Oops, spoke too soon. The guy who held covered your eyes, too. You walk a little further, and get pushed up against a wall. You hear a creepy voice, "hehe. We've got you now! We'll use your powers for evil." You interrupt, saying, "um, actually, I don't know what my powers are yet." They take off your blindfold, and uncovered your mouth. "I guess we'll have to find them out, then." He started laughing. He looked like an ugly dude, fat, tall, with messy hair and long beard. He started laughing, and showed his yellow teeth. You decide to do something, and kick him where it hurts. He doubles over, and try to reach for you, but you get away. You look around, and see two people stationed at the gate to your school. You also see four cute guys huddles in a dark corner. You're pretty sure you knew who the the four were. You walk over to them, and tap Brandon on the shoulder, and say, "Hey, what's wrong? Why are you here?" They all jumped and yelled, "____! What are you doing here?" "Uh, we'll, I was capture by this fat guy, so I think you'd better take a looks t him. Maybe you know him." You said. They agreed. "There he is," you say, pointing at the guy still o. The ground. Clay said, "Leo, Brandon, take ____ back to school. She shouldn't have to see this." We started walking back.
  4. Oops. Jeez. This is pretty long. Sorry. I'm only gonna put another one, okay?
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