So you know about Animal Jam

Are you an AJ Know-it-All? Take this quiz to find out. Some AJ Related Questions will appear so study, some trickier than others. Make your AJ Account t

Please no Cheating; no Looking up answers on the Internet so better practice before taking. Make sure you answer well, cause even the last question counts!

Created by: Xavier883

  1. In what year was Animal Jam Invented?
  2. Where is Club Geoz Located?
  3. How is the AJ App where you build a bunny Burrow Called?
  4. Which of the Following Lands was discovered more Recently?
  5. Which of the Following animals is NOT from the Diamond Shop?
  6. What's the name of the official AJ Blog?
  7. Where can you get a Joey Pet?
  8. Which of the Following Lands is FAKE?
  9. Do Lion Plushies Exist?
  10. What is Christmas Called in AJ?
  11. When did the Last Membership Gift Came out?
  12. What is the NAme of the AJ Sky Father?
  13. Which of the Following items is from Outback Imports?
  14. True or False. Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers can be found in Canyons Pathway
  15. What is the Recipe of a Rainbow Potion?
  16. What's the Recipe of a Fire Potion?
  17. What items can you get in Brady's Phyton Safari?
  18. Where can you play Best Dressed?
  19. Did you liked the Quiz?

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