How much do you know about animal related subjects?

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There's a bunch of weird animals out there that not a lot of people know about! But do YOU know about these animals? Maybe, But what IS an animal@ It's something complex, Something with amazing origins and beliefs about it, But do you KNOW, those beliefs?

Are YOU a genius? Do you have the IQ you know the answers to these questions? Would time to find out in a few mins! See ya at the finish line! Thanks for clicking on this by the way!

Created by: Sophie of I Love My Pictures
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  1. What does millipede mean?
  2. What does centipede mean?
  3. In japan what is the 13th Zodiac?
  4. Would a Praying Mantis attack a Black Widow?
  5. What is the biggest snake to ever live?
  6. Which one of these isn't a Zodiac?
  7. Octopus blood is...
  8. An octopus has how many hearts?
  9. How long can scorpions hold their breath?
  10. How many vertebrae do owls have in their necks?
  11. The poison arrow frog has enough poison to kill how many people?
  12. How do you get a crocodile to let go of you?
  13. One and only was the name of a turtle who lived on to how many years?
  14. The rarest animal has only been seen...
  15. The most venomous creature in the world ever discovered is the...

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about animal related subjects?