How animal are you?

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There are many types of animal in the world, some big some small, some hairy, some covered in scales. Some say there's a bit of an animal in all of us - but are they right?

Do you like quizzes? Do you like quizzes that determine just how much of an animal you are based on 10 questions? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you might as well take the test.

Created by: Alan Saint

  1. Do you greet strangers by sniffing their crotch or backside or sometimes both?
  2. Has someone ever ridden you in a competition?
  3. Have you ever eaten your own young?
  4. Do you get a dry nose when you're ill?
  5. Do you bury your own poo in your neighbour's garden?
  6. Are you able to clean your genitalia with your tongue?
  7. Have you ever buried an acorn for later?
  8. Do you get excited when someone fetches the leash and choke-chain from the cupboard under the stairs?
  9. Are you unreasonably aggressive to postmen?
  10. Have you ever shed your entire skin and left behind the dried up husk?

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Quiz topic: How animal am I?