So u think u know John Green books?

John Green is an absolutely gifted YA autor who has won many teen hearts and caused them to laugh, cry and love his remarkable work of fiction in a very short time. If you've read his books, you too might've seen the lack of quizes based on these. And hence, this quiz saw the light of day....

This quiz consists of short and simple questions from all JG books and is just perfect to differentiate between real fans and fake ones. So, what are you waiting for, scroll down dude...

Created by: Hide and seek
  1. Which was the first?
  2. Which is correct?
  3. Which writer did John Green pair up with?
  4. Paired up for which book?
  5. Where is the line, "If I was a drizzle, then she was a hurricane", from?
  6. Which is not a John Green quote?
  7. Which doesnt fit?
  8. Which of these were in a JG book?
  9. Who is intellectually smarter?
  10. What is Miles's other name?
  11. Who doesn't die?
  12. Which doesn't fit?
  13. Colin is a __?
  14. In TIFOS, Augustus suffered from?
  15. Finally, how many books has JG written?

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