Paper Towns by John Green

You can say you've read it,but how well do you remember it? Have you really read it? This quiz will make sure of that!! (Not all questions included in summaries)

Time for the quiz to make sure you really read and/or understood this book. Take this quiz to find out how much you remembered this book. You can't win em' all so do your best.

Created by: RJP
  1. Quentin wakes up late and has to hitch a ride to school in his mom's minivan at what time?
  2. Chuck Parsons shows up and demands to know if Quentin knows anything about Margo (Roth Spiegelman) and her boyfriend, Jase. What is his response?
  4. Through the window, Margo Roth Spiegelman tells Quentin that she needs eleven things tonight "and at least five of them involve a
  5. At Margo's request, Quentin takes who's picture.
  6. Margo wants to leave flowers for Karin, who?
  7. After leaving flowers, they drive to Jase's house to leave him a ____ and a note.
  8. Quentin and Margo (Roth Spiegelman) head to downtown Orlando to climb the _________ building.
  9. Quentin was wondering what he'd say to Margo at school the next day. When his mom takes him to school then what happens?
  10. Quentin finds a Billy Bragg album with the same picture of Woody Guthrie on the back that's on:
  11. While circling the building to find a way in, they find the source of the stench was a:
  12. Quentin is stumped, but Ben notices some graffiti that has been painted over in the empty room. It says:
  13. Quentin's parents give him the minivan as a graduation gift. Now he doesn't have to borrow the keys—it's all his. He can be an independent soccer mom.
  14. In the van, everyone divides into roles. What is Radar's Role?
  15. As Quentin starts to fall asleep, he thinks about how much he's enjoying the road trip, and how he might actually be okay if he never finds Margo Roth Spiegelman.
  16. Quentin wakes up as Radar and Ben are trying to figure out what to name the car. What was Ben's Suggestion?
  17. They arrive at where Agloe, NY would be if it existed, with thirty minutes to spare.
  18. After five minutes, she comes over to them and gives everyone a quick hug.
  19. Quentin tells Margo to come back home with him, but she says she can never go back.
  20. Margo Roth Spiegelman drives Quentin to the hotel where his friends are staying, and she promises tells them to never speak to her again.
  21. She's all teary-eyed, so Quentin embraces her and kisses her, with their eyes open.

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