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  • It took me awhile to figure out what STIHS meant. And first I thought it said SLITS (I'm a little dyslexic. Sometimes it messes up my reading and numbers so I have to look over what I'm reading or writing like 4 times) and then I saw the STIHS and the first thought that went across my mind was, "What does that mean?" and then I finally got that it meant So this is high school! Yeah, that's my experience lol :P oh and my favorite guy so far is between Adrian and Josh. Who I like most as a friend would be Bree because she reminds me a lot of myself. Favorite character is duh, me!! My favorite adult is I don't know yet, Mr. Green? I had a 7th grade science teacher named Mrs. Green, she was the best and she had leopard geckos which are soooo cute. (Got side tracked for a bit XD) and my favorite class is science.

    Ohhhh and one more thing, thanks for the shout out, and what's the surprise? :P

  • Thanks for the shout out! I liked Josh best too :) And Jam was funny... even though he called me kid :P Bree is probably my best friend atm though I have a feeling i might like Lani best when I know her better, she seems really nice and i like the description of her :) Likewise Mr Green was cool XD And just realised I agreed with DaughterOfApollo on everything lol in future you can write my comments for me! I'd go to the school dance with Josh, or I might go with Drake, just cos it would be cool, but I wouldn't fall for him or anything! I'd make him fall for me...

    Also, and sorry for using your quiz to write this, but i'm thinking of doing another series only I can't think of a name! Anyone got any ideas? I know what's going to happen in it, it's about a girl who keeps getting sent off to different schools because here parents are away on secret business, and she ends up going to a boarding school in England... like me. Well, not the secret business bit :P So if any of you guys have suggestions for a name for the series, please tell me? Thanks :D

    Sorry thisismyquiz for using your comments for that! And please make part 6 soon :D

  • Thanks for the shoutout!!

    right now: my favorite dude is paul, my favorite adult is Green, my favorite friend is Bree, my favorite part of the story was when Jam came in, i laughed so much! I am looking forward to the next part of the story!

  • Part six is out!


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