So many loves... One of you part 2 with Andy

How well will YOUR date go??? Find out in part 2 of "So many loves... One of you..." With Andy! He has a couple of good sleepover things planned and a little touch of his own...

I wonder if Andy loves you so much that the date planned has everything! He did say that it would be perfect because of his 'trick'... Wonder what that means???

Created by: Leia
  1. It's time! You walk over to Andy's house with a sleeping bag, pjs, movie and a few bags of haribos! He welcoms you in and puts away your stuff. Both of you run upstairs, and Andy tells you that you look great!
  2. After a couple hours of playing wrestling on the X-box, Andy tells you that he has a suprise for you!
  3. He shows you downstairs and you see a candle lit dinner for two, and Andy hands you a rose, while pulling your chair out and asking you to sit down.
  4. After a long dinner, he asks your thoughts on the food. What do you say?
  5. He takes you upstairs and you play gutar hero on the wii, then, after a few songs, you watch the movie.
  6. Somewhere near the end of the movie, you fall asleep on Andy's shoulder. He starts to blush so much that it looks like he'a forgottan to breath! He collapses on the floor, and the large bump wakes you up!
  7. 10 minutes go by and he awakens, what do you do?
  8. Andy says that he's okay. Later, at 11:00 pm, you get dressed (Obviously not in the same room!) and get in your sleeping bags!
  9. After a few good ghost stories, you fall asleep...
  10. You wake up the next day, and realize it's Wednesday! School! You pick up your secound rucksack, and dash to school with Andy!

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